Not the intention 5: Day of Play

I wake up to a hand clasping my morning erection. The last memory before my falling asleep comes vividly to mind again, a violently writhing and ejaculating body against my belly and I was just playing with her clit….

“Little Desi has been wanting to squirt since last night, so watch out!”

She jacks me off like a guy and whispers “This is your last seed in the air, I don’t want you too eager!” and I let go, and she feels me throbbing, my thighs and calves trembling with ecstasy. She knows what I like to see, her finger across my belly sweeping my essence together and slowly dripping into her mouth. Immediately hard again, that little one…

“Come, I want to see you in daylight, how beautiful you are and discover all your delicious spots.” And I throw the deck off us. In the still hesitant sunlight I drink her tight black body and begin to caress her from her feet up. She spreads her legs so I can see the lips I only groped last night. Over her densely curled mons and from behind her tight tits, she smiles at me. She sends me a kiss with her full lips.

I crawl up and kiss her. She keeps her mouth shut and giggles. I lick her lips from left to right and back and then suddenly there is her tongue, fighting with mine. At me or in you? And we game long and fierce as I finally dare to feel up her breasts and tease her hard nipples.

She pushes my head down and forces my lips around the left nipple. “You’ve been lurking on that one for days” she says and fingers my earlobe. I have one hand free and caress her stomach, wriggle her navel and stroke her belly with a flat hand. Then I rest on her mons and find the beginning of her slit with my index finger. Or is it called digging finger?

I hesitate between the right nipple or immediately putting my mouth between her thighs. No rush, Desi. She moans as I lick and suck the undersides of her breasts and then her other nipple. They are big. In her eyes I see pure, horny excitement.

“Are your feet just as sensitive?” I sit next to her legs again and massage her toes. “Yes, but you have to turn them on with my nipples.” she laughs and I see the effect, feet are indeed a thingy with her. She widens her long legs and I slide my hands over her calves, knees and inner thighs.

“Kiss me” as my thumbs touch her lips. And then I get to take a closer look at her pussy. She smells excited already and with my tongue I taste her as I play down there. Small, sweet kisses left and right and then with my tongue over the inside of her lips. She spreads wide and her full scent hits me. So pretty pink between her dark labia. And her clit emerges. Kiss on it and squeeze between my lips. “Yaaah” She begins to drip her juices in full. With my wet face I go back up and kiss her intimately. Lying on top of her I press my hard cock into her belly and my balls lock between her thighs. Her belly gets slippery from all the pre-cum from my foreskin as we belly slide.

“We’d better get up” she teases me.

“Not before I’ve violently bitten you” and plunge my mouth onto her slit. From top to bottom, three fingers into her tunnel, finding her G-spot and from the movements of her lower abdomen, I can see how far I’ve gotten her. Tongue fucking and clit sucking, fingering and poking, she moves more and more violently. And then she stiffens, I suck gently on her clit and she flows out her orgasm. She sighs. Actually, I should be sliding my cock into her now and fucking her to the next peak. But that will come, later.

I lie on top of her, cheek to cheek, and after a few minutes I ask “was that intense enough?”

“Oh yes, you know how to hit all my spots. You didn’t go for the finale, when is that coming?”

“Just wait, we’ll keep playing today.”


We scurry around in our nudity and I wrap my arms around her from behind, caressing her from belly to tits and back, Desi stiffly in her butt crack. Or I feel her breasts on my back and her hands under my balls and around my rapidly growing cock. Then turning over and a deep tongue kiss.

Later she lies in the sun on the terrace and I do nude gardening with swinging ball chimes. When I softly squeak by with the wheelbarrow she does her legs wide “Pussy watch?”

At such an invitation I dive between her thighs. ‘Sun-kissed pussy’ I think and I taste that she wants me, or just any guy. I sunbathe next to her on the double play bed.

Later she sits on my crotch wriggling her lips over my cock and I grow fast. I also feel that she is wet, ‘dripping off my balls’ kind of wet. She rides me between her lips and I can see the seed slit in my glans under her mons gasp. Drops of pre-seed flow to my navel. Torture, this!

“Soixante-neuf!” she shouts and sits down on my face with her dripping wet slit, bending over and taking my tortured cock into her warm mouth. We fight until we both cum and fall asleep seed kissing.


We munch shoulder to shoulder on a pound-sized sirloin steak with bearnaise sauce and look deep into each other’s eyes. “That’s not going to make your seed taste good! I’m going to make you mango lassi and fresh pineapple, that’s what my mother fed her lovers. And beaten eggs with rum, for thick seed.”

“Did she have many lovers? And was she beautiful?”

“No, just my father and three others. At the same time, yes, but in turns. Pretty, kind of my figure, but after 3 kids, low-hanging tits with nipples like boy dicks on them. And roomy down there, my father complained.”

“So with those men, double-vag was not a problem” She shoots into a laugh “Black men have a dick to dick problem, so no. And each other’s sloppy seconds they find inappropriate. But you’re different, also different from the bakra boys I’ve had. With you I talk about ma’s pussy and you’ve been turning me on for more than a day without taking me. I cum unabashedly and you enjoy that while squirting. In the air!”

“Ah, sex is a spectacle and it is so wonderful to see my playmate squirming with pleasure before the deed. With my head on your cunt when your juices betray that you are about to cum. But also when we boys squirt frothily, cock against cock, wedged between our bellies. It is the play of fierce emotions in the underbelly that makes us lovers. And then, the surrender….”


Our musings are disturbed by an app call on my cell phone. Lizz. I open and look into a screen filling, handsome nigger cock, stiff and squeaked open. And a drop on top. “Robin! Mi Goedoe! [my darling]” Diane recognizes him immediately. “You’re with Lizz?”

“Yes, and I was thinking of you!” He holds his cell phone a little farther away and the copperhead comes out from behind his shoulder, along with her prongy tits, exposed she is, just like him.

Lizz: “Liar, you had just talked me out of my clothes, when I thought we should call you first.”

Robin: “Oh, yeah, right. What’s it like over there? Do you guys dance yet?”

Diane: “Wasn’t planning on it, but I’m sure it will happen soon. We’ve been doing foreplay for a day now, the old man is so slow! Nice though with lots of… what’s that called again?” she snaps her fingers a few times “Jouir” I complete.

“Jouiiiiiiiir, yes, I know that too from the one over there with you” says Lizz and she grabs Robin’s rod with a white hand and wanks him off a little. “He keeps you on the edge for hours and then all of a sudden, splash into the deep end. ” She fiercely exposes his glans and he splashes a little.

Me: “Hey Robin, can I fuck your pussy? Can you fuck mine, right there. Do ask her, she’s boss in her own pussy.”

Robin: “Pretty horny idea, when the four of us are jacking off later. I already got a yes from her, why do you think I’m sitting here being so tight? But that’s not what I’m calling you about.”

Lizz sits down next to him on the couch and takes over the cell phone so Robin can and grab a tit and finger her mons. “This morning, when I was checking under the car for unwanted packages, those three sweet gold teeth -yes, the ones with their loose hands and tollies [cocks]– suddenly stood beside and above me and asked me where my girlfriend was. Ouuh… They couldn’t find you in Moengo, your phone was suddenly dead there. Huh. And when it turned up later in Willemstad, it suddenly turned out to belong to a big boxer. Well. They also looked in Paris, nothing. I said we had a stinking fight and asked them if they wanted do me a favor, to fuck you for revenge. No, not that either. Boss just wants to pressure you, to shock you, was their comment. Just tell Boss that something is coming. And leave everyone alone yes, I sent them away.”

Diane: “So I’m not safe yet?”

Robin: “Your trail is going well dead and making up with Boss will work too, I think. Then in a week or so I’ll come to you with Jonno in his toy airplane. Gonna be nice!” he looks dreamy, thinking of all that sex with her, then. “Don’t be scared anymore, goedoe, goedoe. Come on and now let the old man have a good time!” he laughs loudly, hooting.

“Go nice!” closes Lizz “go nice and deep!” we shout back and I finger her wet pussy, much wetter now that she saw her favorite play cock again after a while.


She has been leaning on my shoulder for a while and lets out a long sigh, from her toes. The emotions come out with it and she laughs, no giggles, shock shrugs, the limp laugh, that is. She sets herself on my lap with one swing and mounts little Desi between her low lips. She kisses me, an approximately her-tongue-in-my-throat kiss. We are back on steam when Desi comes up briskly. She moves her crotch from front to back, a few times, he likes that.

“Come” I grab her by the hand and on the way to a soft play area I stop her in front of the cabinet with large oval mirror. “You’re so beautiful!” I whisper as I turn her head-on. I caress her from hips to breasts, as we have done many times these days, playfully. But now we can see it in our reflection as well what we are feeling. Little Desi is looking for his regular spot in her butt crack and now I dare to play her nipples “boy cocks, huh?” I grin.

I back up with my belly and stick my cock forward between her pussy lips, so wet… And that over and over again, until she sighs “yes, now”. Slightly sinking through my knees, I enter vertically into her pleasure, which pushes back tightly and rolling down my foreskin. Finally I’m as deep inside you as I’ve always wanted to be. This is a position to hold forever, waiting until we’ve grown into each other and, twisting our asses, we slide in and out gently. So wet, we.

In the mirror I see how my hands on her breasts push her tight against me, as I feel against my stomach and chest. Eyes are also a sex organ, so….

Dreaming and in horny thoughts, she suddenly jumps free, grabs me by my Desi and pulls me to the play bed. On her back, legs wide. Wide she invites me to the primal act of all primates. I lay down on her and take her, as she asks me. We thrust, jerk and turn, she on top and she owns me deep, straight up, her nipples out of reach. Her kegels pinch me, as if to squeeze out my essence.

“I want to taste us” I whisper and she comes forward, right to my mouth. My tongue pricks where my cock just was and tastes the taste of real union. My nose taps gently against her pleasure button and she suddenly exhales heavily. Then I suck her lips until I fully stroke her clit. Again she takes a sharp breath.

She slides back again and with precision Desi lands deep in her fuck cave at once. I thrust from below while she holds tight and I see her tits quivering from my thrusts. Then I wrap my legs around her and we turn around so that I can pound her, lying on her back, violently and powerfully.

And then suddenly the game becomes tender and gentle and kissing we reach the top in small movements. She pushes her mons up as I stretch my cock to the limit and we flow into each other. I remain rigidly tense and feel my squirt as many as twenty times, but know that only the first ones gave my essence. We stay in each other until, after a minute, I give another after shot and little Desi wants to go to sleep….

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Not the intention

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Gepubliceerd door Desiderius Lustig

Ik zet mijn hete dromen om in verhalen vol genot en liefde. Mijn fascinatie is vooral de herinnering aan mensen, ontmoetingen en gebeurtenissen, maar dan omgebogen naar intense lichamelijkheid. In mijn verhalen ben ik daarnaar op zoek en herbeleef al schrijvend, wat er had kunnen zijn of bijna was. Als er maar......

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