Not the intention 6: ius primae noctis

The mairie had called me yesterday to ask for our details. We have to co-sign as witnesses. When I ask her for the dress code, the secretary laughs “sans-culotte!” [without pants] She is a childhood friend of Anaïs and must have heard the whole story. “Ah, non.” < giggles> Assez formelle, long jupon et pour vous… une veste.” [Rather formal, evening dress and for you a jacket]

“Mais commando?” I ask. “Ah, Oiais!” laughing, she disconnects.


Somewhat guiltily I wake up. ‘Was not the intention”‘ haunts my head like a mantra and keeps my eyes closed firmly when I feel movement next to me on the bed. With a kiss on my nose, I dare to look. Her mysteriously dark eyes are shining, like nothing I’ve seen before, these weeks. Her full, wetly licked lips seek mine, the tip of her tongue flicking back and forth over them, as if to request entrance. My tongue tip squeaks out and I feel the hot touch all the way down to my lower abdomen. She too I hope.

Then comes a finger, from below I think, which she places on my mouth. “Taste, our blend of love and pleasure. You don’t know when to stop either!” So delicious that she has a place to lovingly preserve the residue of our play for hours to come.

I stretch and languidly slide my head between her legs. She spreads in anticipation because she knows, once again, I want to snack on our past orgasms. I kiss her gently and lick my way inside her little boat. How to love a full-fucked cunt, I learned from girlfriends, who explained the feelings inside to me as well.

Then my fingers take over,.And my eyes! And my nose! And again I manage to make her cum. She moans, I feel intensely happy….

“Your mustache is itching. And your stubbles arealready rubbing again. Doucement, me poenie is sensitive. Six times filling me! Top, you, tonight!” I chuckle between her full, black lips, proud though… “You’ve played me a lot more in one day, than I hoped. I’ve been lurking for a week about having violent sex with you. Have for a few days now, that at your lightest touch -doesn’t matter where- my pussy shoots wet, sometimes even small salvos behind my mound. And now…” she sighs deeply from her lower abdomen, of pleasure, I think with my proud stiffness.

“Such a tension arc is there between us, but as far as I’m concerned it was not the intention, not yet. I could have teased you for days to come. We men can do that, just by repeating Onans’ sins often” I laugh.

“Huh, you? probably not. Onan?”

“Onan desired his seductive daughters fiercely. Turned aside on his mattress, he flowed his seed to earth. And God was very angry about that. That’s why us boys were taught to lay on our back and spit on our bellies, less sinful, that.”

“And, how did it end?”

“State to me, they were both pregnant at one point, so it didn’t work out for him either.”


In the village square, church and mairie face each other. Even before the village (16 houses and a bar-tabac) we were hoarded to the side by apparently the bride and groom’s brothers, to park. I watch Diane get out of the car and tighten her ass in that red dress with slits. In a flash, an entire evening and night of hot sex shoots through my mind. Visibly hard, I step out and offer my lover an arm. The men grin hornily as she briefly extends her leg out of the skirt and nods at my fly. With bungalow tent.

“You guys are staying until after consumation, right?” one asks. “She looks so good!” and his dreamy eyes undress her and he too gets a bungalow tent, size 2. He walks up to us with probably a porn movie full of black tits and cunts in his head.

The corsages, which he pins on us, are purple roses, on the verge of opening, still just resembling a glans in a long foreskin. We belong now.

When we arrive in the square, he leads us to a small, old woman, leaning stately on her cane. “Mémé, these are the witnesses” says the brother and looks at me questioningly. “Diane and Desi” introducing us.

“Benoît” he laughs as Mémé grabs his tent. “Unchaste thoughts, you again, huh? I always have to be the strict grandmère too!”

She widens her arms and we give bisous. She whispers in Diane’s ear “I can tell by your attitude, that he’s good and hot for you. And he’s not the youngest!” Diane laughs and confesses “All night Mémé, all night he played me.”

This escapes me as the heavy church bell is chiming gayly as the bride and groom walk into the square, preceded by two groomsmen and two bridesmaids, baskets of rose petals in hand. He in a light blue tuxedo without a shirt and barefoot in his white shoes, she on white stilettos in a transparent jumpsuit, with white flowers in the strategic places, or almost, little Desi thinks. Her bouquet is of pink and red lilies, just out of bud. Tonight they will be wide open, like an orgiastic screaming couple….

The maire, wearing the red-white-and-blue sash, comes up on the mairie’s steps, and when the bells fall silent, he invites us on either side and the couple before him.

They promise each other somewhat timidly – and not as intimately and glowingly as they did on the rock – eternal fidelity. We applaud and whistle as they kiss each other intimately. I feel her mouth still on mine and look at Diane. She falls around my neck, like many couples around us. French kissing, isn’t that why it’s called thus?

Then we go inside and sign the register that we witnessed their vows. And how! The maire was watching amused as we congratulated the bride and groom. Especially when me and Gaël went wild.

The church’s light bell called us to Mass and the vows before God. How special for the most promiscuous village in the region, I guess. Traditions, traditions.


Turns out the family has a ‘maison de maître’ on the outskirts of the village in a beautiful park. Slightly smaller than a chateau, but impressively 18th-century. Tables are set out on the lawn in a horseshoe shape, but the welcome is around the large fountain. Diane apparently has honey on her pussy, the siblings and their entourage are always looking for us, getting acquainted, secretly stroking her buttocks and some feeling into my crotch, guys… They ask a hundred out about the rock, if we are there too for…. “No, Neee, not there, we are FWB.” Little knowledge of English here, but then again that’s obvious. And again inquiring if we will stay after the consumation. And then when I ask why, they laugh hornily and wink.

In the corner of my eye I see Mémé flirting with the little groomsmen and their girls. Shall I ask her? She looks up from teaching the boys to kiss and gestures for me to come sit next to her.

“Won’t have these as lovers anymore” she says with a somewhat sad smile. Pointing with her head “All there, I taught them, to serve women, Mater Familias is a joyous task. And tonight, yes you come to ask me, I lead the family feast of consumation. Then we stand around them as they consummate their marriage, together with the Pater Familias, my son, to whom is due the ius primae noctis. And both of you are part of it. How much can Diane handle, because you have played so rough?”

“She has a lot of catching up to do, how she spent a few weeks just cuddling with me. I’m sure we’ll see her go out of her way, all lovers with your training…”

“You’re flirting, old man! And will you come to my collection tonight, too? I have a four-poster bed with notches in the legs for every successful man. Two for you, I understand? Hey Adeline, come here!” she calls a heavily pregnant woman.

She is beautiful, the way she radiates new life. She sits down on my knees, wraps her arm around my shoulder and looks at me penetratingly. Quickly my eyes wander into her full cutout, just above her nipples, trying to poke through the fabric. I smell them, too. She grabs my hand and places it on her stomach. “She’s kicking, wanting to feel me make love. Only then is she quiet for a moment. You must know, she was conceived on the rock at our vow and that makes her a special child. When you’ve satisfied us tonight, I’ll put you on my nipples.” Tjeez, what a horny image and already two appointments in my ball book.


The meal is not the sophisticated cuisine that foreigners attribute to France. No, here in the region it’s peasant dishes, where head meat, entrails, organs and legs are important ingredients. Diane sits among the couple’s siblings with a fat mouth munching on a pig’s leg, cheeks gleaming and admired for her French-Guyanà accent. Sexy, Antoine and Benoît appreciate that, just as I feel West Flemish Dutch as cock-stabbing horny. Don’t know why either. 

I eat my plate of stew and crusty baguette with relish, washed down with a round, red wine from the grove, behind the village. Looking around, I see ordinary people, as at any fête eating and laughing and conversing. Only I understand, unseen, that here are intimate threads running between each, so unashamedly physical. It shows perhaps a bit, where I see them kissing not on the cheek but on the mouth, with tongue, or is that the excess of wine?

And when the little bridesmaids each got down on one knee with me and kiss me on the cheek with their bodies pressed against me, I feel like the grandfather I never was. “Are you going to make Mémé a big girl tonight?” I spit out my fresh sip of wine at this direct question. Ears to the wind, the children here. I affectionately run my hand from their crests over their backs “If she wants it! You girls have all the saying.” And they giggle.


The big attic is summer-warm and the low, yellowish evening light through the oval windows, just above the floor creates a mysterious atmosphere. At the top of the stairs we help each other out of our clothes. I unzip Adeline’s maternity dress and she steps out of it. She puts my hand over her pronged tits, prickly with anticipation and takes me to the play area, a four-poster bed with black sheets, well lit and surrounded by a plane of mattresses, hard and playable.

At the head a high chair with on it a now completely naked Mémé. An aged body, tight but wrinkled now, tells of her beauty in the past, with long hair, now white over her shoulders, still full, hanging tits, wide-legged sharing her vulva unashamedly to us.

Adeline looks for her Benoît and Diane comes to stand in front of me. Antoine partners Jerôme and into the circle step Gérard and Corinne and her sister Mélanie with Claude. François, beautiful man with gray curls, kisses his maman, Mémé, and stands beside her seat while she fumbles his sex.

We are silent as the couple enters, as if entering the bridal suite alone, giggling with anticipation about what they will do. He throws off his jacket and steps out of his pants and shoes, takes her in his arms for a deep kiss. As eagerly as their mouths also search each other’s necks and their hands caress each other’s backs. Behind her back he pulls open the zipper with his teeth and slides the jumpsuit off her shoulders, granting us her full nudity. He sits up, she widens her legs and his curly head between her thighs seeks out her golden slit, his tongue visibly touching her lips. Deftly he wriggles his way into her pink pleasure and we see that reflected on her face as well. His groom’s rod is stiff, his purple glans peaking out of the foreskin with already a trickle of pleasure. She moans and fingers her nipples big.

François, her father, comes with a mesh blindfold and ties it in front of her eyes, as if she must be blind to what is to follow. Gaël is now beside them and they lead her onto the bed. She lays on her back, wide-legged, strokes her pussy once more, and both men lie down beside her and kiss her in turn, their hands roaming all over her body. We see her shivering with pleasure, feeling the hands of her father, whom’s she has known since forever, and those of her lover, who is now her husband. And as they both suck and bite a nipple, their fingers caressing and trembling her vulva, she sighs in sign that she is ready for the ceremony.

François now rises above her on hands and toes and lowers himself slowly, while she curls up her mons for receiving. Gaël grabs the paternal cock, exposing the glans and aiming it at her opening.

“Ius primae noctis” says François loudly and solemnly, as he tucks into his daughter. “Amen” we say together, enjoying this incestuous penetration, of father and daughter, of landlord and subordinate, of husband and wife, celebrating the new union with their most intimate body parts.

She lies down now and wraps her legs around his, forcing him, deeper. We see his glutes tighten and relax, their pelvises turn on each other, and as he spreads a little, his balls pull up tight against his staff for the salvo of paternal seed. We know from Anaïs’ cries that she wants to come and Gaël sticks a finger in François’ hole. He bellowed and we saw his root throb as he witnessed his orgiastic squirting into his now – writhing with pleasure – daughter.

He slips out of her with, to his and our surprise, blood red cock! Immediately Gaël takes his rightful place as groom, sliding deep in where the squire’s seed has prepared his coming.

The couple now plays the intimate game of lovers, exploring and loving each other in all positions, a feast for our eyes and our exhilarating pleasure. We too play our partners, standing or kneeling, mesmerized by the couple.



Afterglow of sex, lips tingling, wetting deep behind my navel, I, in the center of the family, spread my legs wide and feel slowly the seed of my two dearest men slip out of my married cunt over my perineum into the buttock crevice and onto the lace-trimmed, white wedding cloth. White flakes with red threads, as proof of my virginity. Nicely not, a small capsule, which Mémé gave me and I put in, just beforehand.

Just now, when I entered the square, so naked in my jumpsuit, my thighs were already slippery with anticipation. My wedding day, one day of foreplay on the way to this moment? At the congratulations and kisses, I often felt a hand on my buttocks, or a hard cock against my belly, and everyone said, I was a beautiful, radiant bride.

And just now, my daddy! He blindfolded me and came to lie beside me. His hands and mouth and Gaël’s gave me soft shivers and suddenly that image of Papa, that first time on the Pûy de la Bergère, sunlit and for the world to see, how he made me big girl with a real red blood cock. I smell both my lovers and let myself go with the tingling joy of my lower belly. Would Dad also….? No, probably not, It’s our wedding. Yaaa, right! I feel his glans slide in from top to bottom. But he’s leaning next to my head with both hands. So, my Gaël brings Papa inside me, so beautiful, so hard, so deep….

Papa feels so different from him, so resolutely seeking his deep place and then taking me in firm rhythm where I want to be, mhmmm, mhmmmmm, mhmmmm!

Gaël puts his mouth upside down on mine and we kiss tenderly, sucking on each other’s upper lip and then tongue-fighting again. This is new too, with Daddy deep inside me. I finger my nipples where Gael is caressing my breasts and my urge increases. I spasm my kegels, I want to come with you, Daddy, now! Yes, I feel him swell and force his heartbeat to give itself to me. And then the explosion of fatherly love combined with my essence of being a woman, we experience my big day….

He lowers himself protectively with his full weight on me and, exciting himself deep inside me, we listen to the slowly hushed music within us. Still hard, he gives me a kiss and leaves me. Noheeeeh, stay, stay! But he is relentless and I lie empty, but in my slippery opening there is suddenly my Gael! My pussy ring pushes his foreskin back, the way he likes it, and his glans tightens as he enters, higher now, because Daddy made it so smooth there.

“Oh, sweet” he whispers as he is deep inside me and places his mouth on my left breast, kissing it softly. A hand on my head, through my hair. A finger over my moist lips searching to go inside, I suck it like a man’s rod. Simple enjoyment of being together, little movements of love, as if the two of us were unspoiled

“We turn around” he instructs and in his turn he takes me on top, without losing each other. He forces his knees up, my legs to the side, presses his pelvis up. Ohhh, that’s how deep he’s going now. We thrust, go way out and thrust again, almost a ballet. Then I bend down on his mouth and there is the double union of tongue and noble parts, our nipples pressed together, stilled, frozen, as if someone had pressed the pause button.

Then I sit on him, back straight, and do the victory dance for both of us, so much better than jerking off with a pussy! I’m so smooth, I can do a 360 degree turn without friction, knowing, that he’ll go crazy on me then. He takes a sharp breath and exhales loudly. Yes, I have him, where I want him to be, impetuously wild and hornily in love with me! And in utmost concentration to time exactly, when we come together.

“Turn around” he commands and again on me, he moves furiously in and out of my now shudderingly contracting love cave. He grins at me hornily, as he always does when he can’t hold back any longer. And at that moment I explode and pull him along, throbbing and squirting from our source of love. I love him SO much, not just in my heart, but in my pussy, my tits, my whole body….

Satisfied by both my lovers, I sit against the headboard and Gael puts his head on my lower belly, whispering “I can’t get enough of our sex smells” and sniffing deeply. I also feel his fingers gently caressing my lips. When they are down and sticky wet, he puts them in his mouth and growls approvingly. And again, and again, now gently touching my bud and it vibrates again in my belly, my lover, my Gael….


Mémé had said, the women are in charge here, sounds a bit like at home, where ma designated the lover for the night. Mémé laughed at that and asked if ma chose for me too. I blushed and confessed to her, that I had felt all three in my poenie and often. “Pounii” she said so French and let it roll around in her mouth, like wine tasting. “I point them out for you then. And your lover gets his partner to play with, that’s how the game goes here. Benoît! La Pouni Gyuanoise vous attend! [the cunt from Gyuana is here for you to fill] She looks at me mischievously “Or do you want both brothers at once? ” I nod yes, party animal that I am. “Antoine! Toi encore!” [you too]

‘I’m going to have them all, all these French zizi’s here’ I think resolutely, as the two brothers, still so young, muscular, with sixpacks and-almost importantly-stretched dick, with arms over each other’s shoulders approach me. They’d been ogling me all day and their hands got lost quite often in the long slit of my skirt. Well, polite they were, only petting my belly….

They kiss me and each other in a three-tongued kiss, I squeeze their zizis for a moment. Grinning, they grab me by the knees and shoulders and lift me up. My head on Benoît’s left shoulder, my legs over Antoine’s. They walk carefully into the family circle and I feel all over my body the caress off all their hands, some leaving a trail of pussy juice behind….

And then Antoine, convinced gay of the family, puts his nose in my pleasure, between my lips, from bottom to top. Funny, nose tip to clit tip “Houeeiii” And again, now his tongue behind it and, his chin and cheeks shining from my cyprine, he looks around proudly, his family applauding and whistling for his brave act!

Again I feel his mouth love me, as Benoît gently lowers me to crotch level. I throw my head back and I tap his glans with my tongue tip, which is still half in his foreskin. I smell his excitement and union with Adeline, sometime today, or one of the other guests….

I slowly push his foreskin back with the O-ring of my lips (“hooooh” the men say) and his glans is purple beautiful when I let it go for a moment. Then he thrusts deep into me and is amazed, that he goes up to the balls on my nose, throat deep….

So between brothers, tongue in pussy and cock in throat and so watched I feel the exote, coveted and somewhere behind my mons the party lights are lit.

“This is getting too bad!” moans Benoît and the brothers lay me down, where we will continue playing. I wonder if Antoine dares enter my cunt. But no, Benoît goes next to me on his back and pulls me onto himself. He kisses my nipples, big they are and my party lights color sensually.

Then I agilely take his cock between my pussy lips and manage to guide it without hands before my opening. He thrusts in, deep, all at once. “That’s what you wanted, right?” I laugh, when he has his full length inside me and a horny look on his face tells how much!

Antoine is now touchingly gently fingering my starlet open and applying hot lube, also to his brother’s balls. And more importantly, into my little boat, right up to the jib mast. Hoeeeh!

For a moment I don’t feel him, think he’s greasing his device. Ohhh, I’m getting so hot, there! And then his glans nuzzles at my hole port, Yaaah, come in boy. So much more confident, than those guys who have only seen it in porn. Decisive, an experienced ass fucker and it feels so good anyway! Come inside me, I think to yell, as I, sandwiched between brothers and nailed intimately by them, start riding them. Alternating between them, ferocious as eager men should be. We celebrate the fuck fest they’ve been craving all day: owning and sharing my shiny black bottom. My party lights begin to flash, irregularly now, stoked by that hot gel and two brother cocks deep inside my body, working against each other.

And then the thunder unloads with thick jets of seed from their jerking cocks into my spasming, orgasmic orifices….


I am not surprised, how Diane will be taken by the two brothers, when Jerôme presses his beautiful male body against me, cocks intimately grinding, and kisses me fiercely and commandingly. He’s the top of the bunch of them, apparently. “You want me, don’t you?” he asks again, head tilted, as if I had something to say.

Adeline rubs our buttocks and presses her heavily pregnant belly against our sides. We each finger a nipple, until a white tear comes out, which we then lick off each other’s finger again. She clamps our cocks tightly together and pulls a few times. “My belly with girl gets in the way of a dick2dick encounter in my pussy, now. So Desi is going to teach the little one new tricks and you, Jerôme push it in deeper. You were in me before anyway and almost her father…” she smiles invitingly.

When Jerôme is on top of me, he turns a little to the side so that Adeline can suck us both, where we can then kiss the little one in her belly and feel her join in our excitement. Our hands meet in her slit, gently caressing her lips, already so smooth….

“How do we do it? Never had a high-pregnancy before.” I say somewhat awkwardly, but feeling soooo horny. Adeline gets on her right side and puts her left leg up. Her puffy lips open up.

“Come on in mama! And hands on the little one, she likes.”

And I get ready on her right leg and stab, thigh I mean. The fruit immediately understands and frolics with anticipation. This is much more fun, isn’t it, than a vibrating ring on your cock? Fucking with a moving target! I feel her movements from both sides, while I bump and stroke her bulging belly.

I don’t stay in that dream for long, my buttocks are folded open and my starlet decisively pushed open with a -I think- well greased male rod, Jerôme’s. “Ohhhhmmmmm, yah, there!”

The special thing about a sandwich is that with so many different experiences, intense anal and prostate stimulation your dick is so tight and at the same time slides into her soft cave. So doubly delicious, I don’t keep it on the down low for long. But they go along, I sing first in the church, the soprano in her cunt puts in a high trilling note and the baritone behind me pulls out thumping….

The little girl frolics with pleasure, she frolics in her water. That one I want in my arms soon, Oh, babies….

She invites us to her candy table and there we lie, little boys with flaccid penises, still dripping, kissing against her nipples until they drip too. Then we suck her and are rewarded with warm breast milk, just a little, she’s not ready yet. She moans and her fruit goes to sleep….


I sit next to Mémé watching the festivities. She knows how to point out to me, with shining eyes, the relationships in this orgy. Brother in sister, niece with uncle and aunt with nephew and brother. She tells me, that this attic has seen pleasure for generations and -certainly in the past- many a person was conceived here. Before the Revolution, there were summer parties here, where the courtiers of the Louises came to have unlimited orgies. In Paris court that was not as common, at most à quatre….

On an impulse, I put my mouth on hers for a sultry kiss. She must be excited, right, this old broad, and so fiercely the boss of the family. Hot she kisses back, our tongues fighting and even more so when I touch her taut nipples on her still full breasts. “Yes, that’s how my husband kissed too and I was always wet from that.” And she took my hand and put it on her slit. I finger deeper and feel her excitement. “May I?” and she grabs me by the shoulders and forces me to my knees to worship her.

I kiss her belly with old stretch marks, her lived-in body, wrinkled, but to be loved endlessly. Her thighs are no longer taut, nor are her arms. Her pussy lips are full and taut though, they have lost none of their youthful fullness. She turns her lower body in the seat on my tongue and whispers softly “jouiiiir, jouiiiir” and she descends again from her top.

“Not now, but this week, in the pavilion, we are going to own each other. In full daylight, doors open in the afternoon breeze, which bulges the curtains, as I have always taken my men there. But you’re already getting a notch on my four-poster leg, you’re a treat.”

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Ik zet mijn hete dromen om in verhalen vol genot en liefde. Mijn fascinatie is vooral de herinnering aan mensen, ontmoetingen en gebeurtenissen, maar dan omgebogen naar intense lichamelijkheid. In mijn verhalen ben ik daarnaar op zoek en herbeleef al schrijvend, wat er had kunnen zijn of bijna was. Als er maar......

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