I – Circle of Love

We follow in this first part the adventures of Ben, architect. He is seriously searching a new spiritual balance after the loss of his partner. The group adopting him, has a rather physical interpretation of mental healing.

  • Aphroditiae 1-1: Sex, a parlour game
    My dick always wakes up before my head. And now all the way wedged between tight buttocks. Now I feel why: my rod is gently massaged up and down with barely perceptible movements. My hand is lying on a belly, little finger in the curly hair.
  • Aphroditiae 1-2: Introductions
    Last week, after my move to this city, I had a few introductory talks as a senior partner of this larger architectural firm. Today the real work begins.
  • Aphroditiae 1-3: First Visitation: Karting
    In the pit stop we change karts and I see that all four of us are rather excited, somewhere between 135° and 180° from the south. Fred warns me to hold back, “you can be dangerously distracted” with a horny grin.
  • Aphroditiae 1-4: Second Visitation: the family
    I am dressed up in black shorts and ditto t-shirt. Because of the heat he only wears a white t-shirt and cycling shorts and I see his sex firmly locked in them. Big, as it should be. He makes the hug gesture and our mouths and cocks find each other in a fierce hug. If I was already stiff, now I have a serious hard-on in my pants.
  • Aphroditiae 1-5: Third Visitation: art!
    Paul comes from behind his easel, naked, erect and with semen crusted pubes. He looks attentively at me “You must be Ben” and puts a hand on my shoulder, grabs my chin and twists my head on profile.
  • Aphroditiae 1-6: Fourth Visitation: Stamina
    I just finished eating when my smartwatch says that I have to stay home for a test by two circle members. On their announces downstairs I let them into the hall, but when I look through my glass front doors I think I’m being tricked. Two hot cunts from an escort site. Geez!
  • Aphroditiae 1-7: Fifth Visitation – Survey
    The coffee machine has all my attention, when I am fully groped in my crotch from behind. Whispered in my ear “Ploughing in my garden, hey!” I turn my head and look into the blue eyes of Kees. He claws me hard down there.
  • Aphroditiae 1-8: Sixth Visitation: The Fat Lady
    “Marga’s waiting for you” and points to the room, where she just came from. They take me by the hand like a naughty little boy into a spacious front room, where in the center is a four-poster bed with voiles tied open. Around it three couches, as if it were an altar, a small version of the temple?
  • Aphroditiae 1-9: Seventh Visitation: the Ballerina
    Jenny enters in a thin summer dress. No, she floats! I drink her, her slender body, long ballet legs, mildly undulating bosom and handsome face with dramatically wavy dark hair, in dangerous backlighting…..
  • Aphroditiae 1.10: Rebirth in the grotto
    Jason kisses me awake and sets a breakfast tray on the bed. Sitting cross-legged, he slids open a croissant in front of me, naked and with his never quite flaccid cock shaking back and forth. Now I have to fucking choose witch to put in my mouth….

One more chapter to go…

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