Not the intention

  • Not the intention 1 : Panic!
    “So, you could use company, tomorrow or so? ” She turns her cell phone and I see her friend Diane, looking at me dejectedly and tears all over. I know her to be a party girl, so clearly something is wrong.
  • Not the intention 2: Diane
    Travel unobtrusive, I had said. Diane with a red suitcase in a signal red, tight fitting and too short dress, which only accentuates her dark body, is a beacon on the drab platform when I wait for her train to arrive.
  • Not the intention 3: Le lendemain
    When I open my eyes, she’s standing in the doorway looking at me, her t-shirt just too short to effectively hide her -unwrapped- mons. Definitely from below.
  • Not the intention 4: Le Rocher de St-Agnes
    This morning she is gazing in thought at the mountains in the distance. I stand behind her and place my hands on her hips. A small sigh escapes her as I slip onto her belly and from there wander up to the base of her breasts.
  • Not the intention 5: Day of Play
    She jacks me off like a guy and whispers “This is your last seed in the air, I don’t want you too eager!” and I let go, and she feels me throbbing, my thighs and calves trembling with ecstasy.
  • Not the intention 6: ius primae noctis
    Somewhat guiltily I wake up. ‘Was not the intention”‘ haunts my head like a mantra and keeps my eyes closed firmly when I feel movement next to me on the bed. With a kiss on my nose, I dare to look. Her mysteriously dark eyes are shining, like nothing I’ve seen before, these weeks.
  • Not the intention 7: Remembrance and Goodbye
    “Where’s your nymph?” I’m asked and I explain that this afternoon she gave a guest lecture at the University on African sex initiation rites among the Guyanese bush blacks. “I was so proud of her, I sat beaming in my bench like I was her grandfather.

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