Not the intention 4: Le Rocher de St-Agnes

She has been here for a week now and she is no longer startled when I lay a hand unexpectedly on her shoulder or hip. Our ritual of ‘petit déjeuner à nue’ [naked breakfast] has grown into the whole day naked, to the great delight of little Desi.

This morning she is gazing in thought at the mountains in the distance. I stand behind her and place my hands on her hips. A small sigh escapes he r as I slip onto her belly and from there wander up to the base of her breasts.

“Onward” she says softly and as the not-so-small Desi searches for a spot in her butt crack, I slowly encompass both her c-mounts, until the sides of my index fingers touch her large nipples. My first time! Do I dare to kiss her on the neck? Or is that not an issue yet? She does wriggle her buttocks and I feel my lower belly yearn. She turns around, clasps me against her belly and breasts, kisses me on the mouth “Enough, like that” and smiles with big white teeth.


I worry about her, Diane sleeps restlessly and always has that brooding look on her face. She does laugh at my odd behavior, but she seemingly can’t really get away from the threats she has escaped. Maybe the earth forces should help her.

I know a place, near here, in a forest, where it is said, that your soul is given relieve.

They are rocks, on the edge of a steep slope, round and feminine with ancient oaks in the gullies and fractures. Their thick roots lie like veins across the rocks, like veins on my own rod, in supreme ecstasy. The highest stone is a woman on her belly, showing her buttocks. The middle stone is flat on top and a bit lower. This is said to be a druidic spot, where couples have been promising each other fidelity for thousands of years. In good Christian tradition, this place is dedicated to St Agnes, patron of betrotheds. Her merit was that she did not want to become a temple prostitute. So chastity and abstinence in public was her death.

I have often sat there alone lately, sitting on the edge of the highest stone looking down into the depths. And whether it was the stones, the green filtered forest light or the wind, I felt peace come over me and something of acceptance of the now.

“I am going to take you to a special place, where the earth will bring you peace” I say while parking the car near a forest path. The evening light filters green and a little wind rustles through the foliage. She takes my hand, that’s new.

I tell her of the druids, the virgin sacrifices and the local tradition, children still, who give each other their virginity on the high stone and lovers who give their love to each other here. For thousands of years. “How many children would have been conceived here?”

Getting close, she shivers softly. “I feel the magic of this place! Oh, yaaah!”

“Are you coming?” I joke.

“Something like that, yes, but with my whole body!” She walks up the low stone and embraces the wooden cross,.Low in her throat she growls orgasmically…… She sees the high stone, throws her flimsy nothing over her head, slips out of her panties and lies naked, full stretched out on the stone, like an offering on an altar. Softly she moans her ecstasy. Minutes later, she looks me straight in the eye “What is the name of this god?”

I feel a fierce desire as I finally see her in naked ecstasy. She spreads to me and her glossy, dark lips frame her pink boat, clit like mast up. She has poured her moisture onto the stone, offering to this god.

“Here I can stay forever” she wishes “come beside me, and naked, huh” And then we lie side by side, me erect, on our backs looking at the rustling oak branches. “Are we married if you take me now?”

“I think so, you reacted so violently. But if you want me, I have to be your foreplay and make you cum even more violently, with my eyes, my fingers, my lips and my tongue, blowing on your clit and tasting you. We’ll do it at home, I want to take my time for that. You hear it, still a vow….”

When we look up we see a couple standing by the cross, just 20 or not even yet. They smile at us “Bonsoir, déjà jouit, vous deux?” [Good evening, have you cum yet?]

“Non” and we sit down unabashedly and explain that we are not here for the vow. They are, and they want, for us to be their witnesses to the consummation of the promise of happiness and fidelity. They are beautiful when they take off their clothes. She, gallic beautiful, dark, long hair, pronged breasts, dark triangle under her tight tummy and a light complexion. He does his training, sixpack and a proud standing one from a dark forest. Perfect couple.

“Are you guys getting married?” I ask.

“Yes, Saturday. But here we are taking our vows, just like our parents and grandparents, with random strangers as witnesses. We are Danièl and Anaïs.” They walk toward us and we embrace each other as we stand. They kiss us on the mouth. First Anaïs and then Danièl as well. Our stiff bars touch and he smiles, wrapping his full fist around both of them. “Témoin!” [witness]

They stretch out on the stone and indulge in their lovemaking. We see in Anaïs her ecstasy rising quickly and I warn Danièl “Ne pas gicler trop vite!” [Don’t squirt too fast!] They whisper sweetly to each other, promising each other eternal fidelity, sexual highs until they die, and not stopping with that when they are fifty like their parents.

It’s endearingly sweet and as he goes on and in her, we stretch on either side of the lovemaking couple, stroking them over sides, back and thighs. The four of us cum at once, me without hands, violently over her back, is that the power of the stone?

We congratulate them, with intense kisses. She gestures invitingly to her mons, asking me to taste her. Danièl just pulls Diane’s head to his semi-hard cock.

I don’t know what the intention is, but I lick their love juices from her lips and put my mouth on her opening and suck, until I have my mouth full. He’s a solid squirt! Then I come up and offer my full mouth to the kissing couple. Eager as young birds, they eat from my mouth and our tongues stir. Diane joins in and our first kiss is filled with the juice of these two. I don’t dare play her nipples yet……

Meanwhile, the sun has set and we get dressed. We feel elated, hilarious and happy. Liberated?

The four of us went to our house and sat on the terrace until late -naked- drinking champagne and telling sex stories to each other. Of course we will be there, Saturday at their wedding.

“Do you want to fuck her?” asks Diane as she takes my business end in her hands. Then lying is hard. She feels me growing “Fuck not, love, yes, I think in a threesome, Danièl is not afraid of men either.”

“And me?” I am erect at once, Desi always betrays me.

“We’ll take our time, I promised you. Come sleep in my arms tonight, spoon to spoon. Tomorrow we’ll play until we can’t do anything else. Or a kwikkie now?”

“No, but later, when you are behind me, you may tease my clit.”

Visions of a deliciously writhing Diane come to mind.

Gepubliceerd door Desiderius Lustig

Ik zet mijn hete dromen om in verhalen vol genot en liefde. Mijn fascinatie is vooral de herinnering aan mensen, ontmoetingen en gebeurtenissen, maar dan omgebogen naar intense lichamelijkheid. In mijn verhalen ben ik daarnaar op zoek en herbeleef al schrijvend, wat er had kunnen zijn of bijna was. Als er maar......

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