Aphroditiae 1-3: First Visitation: Karting


Somewhere in the afternoon a call from Elvita of the reception, visit of 3 boys: Carlo, shiny black, Fred, blond athlete and Peter, a ruddy boy, tough standing with their crotch slightly forward and with a helmet on the arm.

“We’re going karting with you” Fred says rather emphatically, “you’re riding behind Peter” hits my ass and points to a helmet behind the counter.

Big mopeds, boosted of course, are kicked on with a lot of noise and I sit on Peter’s buddy “put your arms around me, as if you’re my chick”. Hand on his belly and the other in his crotch while we tear away. Feeling 16 again in my tough jacket on a roaring machine.

Far too soon we are at the go-kart track, a little outside, to limit the noise from the outdoor track and not bother any neighbours. We have the use an hour to ourselves and go straight into the dressing room. “Yes, naked go-karting for men today, sit down, old man, before you have a heart attack.” Peter says. They kick off their shoes, t-shirt over their head, unbuckle their belts and then, swaying at the hip, they slowly unzip their fly and take off each other’s skinnies, whistling a porn tune. Their tight briefs have trouble keeping even their limp stuff inside, promisingly tasty bumps also. When they shove the briefs down, I see nice, big boy’s cocks and hanging balls, which make a lot of seed, I expect.

When I have also revealed my masculinity to them, we put on appropriate leather shoulder jackets, for safety’s sake, -yeah, sure- and Carlo leads me out, holding me on by my dick. At the karts parking, a bear-daddy sits in red overalls, not one button closed over his luxuriantly hairy chest and belly, Willem. He taps on his tablet “Ben and his kindergarten class?”, takes my half limp snake between his index and middle finger and shakes it a bit bigger. He looks attentively at the boys at crotchheight and I see something beautiful growing out of his black forest.

“You have four rounds of 10 minutes and a practice round. Between the laps a pit stop and changing go-karts. Just like with your chicks, 10 minutes going, then changing pussy and accelerating again” he grins. “They’re not bumper cars and hitting the railing is guaranteed hospital and nowadays they don’t have time to give you a blowjob over there”.

He points to a rusted cut off barrel “Peeing now is also handy” and we four stand crosswise and cross our rays of piss in the middle. Fred pisses like a stallion, wide and lots! Peter shakes me off and straightens my foreskin.

We each get into a go-kart and drive a few laps. Lovely in the sun and the wind around your balls! The rough leather saddle rubs your butt and has a recess in the front, allowing your parts to swing freely.

We are flagged down by Willem, go to the start and drive away in a big cloud of dust. We tumble over each other and take turns lying on top of each other. I didn’t know that the excitement of the game could make me nice and stiff. Now I do, and how! ‘Met de vlam in mijn pijp’ [With full fire in my rod] I hum an old Dutch trucker’s song. Vrooooom. Shit, I’m third.

In the pit stop we change karts and I see that all four of us are rather excited, somewhere between 135° and 180° from south. Fred warns me to hold back, “you can be dangerously distracted” with a horny grin.

This kart obeys better and in the last corner I overtake Peter and am number 1. When we get out of the car I see seed dripping from his sagging cock on the ground. Distracted, so…. “Next rounds I can concentrate better” he says smiling and sticks a finger with jizz in his mouth.

I am stepping into his cart. The floor is slippery, the steering wheel is shining from his jizz, what can that boy spray! The seed perfume evaporates quickly in round 3 when the wind blows around my wet gland. I end this lap on 2 with a bit of attention and a steel-hard pole. This works fucking better than viagra…

To tease me, Carlo comes to rub my gland. He has such a beautiful black cock and out of his foreskin sticks a sweet pink head. From his seed slit he drips preseed on my smooth head rubbing his to mine.

In lap four I give up the fight when I ride the long stretch. My rod starts to trob and jolt – without touching! My seed is ejaculated from my toes over the steering wheel and dashboard. Normally I just reach my nipples… So I end up as number four. Willem is right, it’s like an orgy with hot girls and no losers.


On the terrace of the karting site, sipping a sports drink, they teach me the secret man’s greeting:

  • left hand
    • flat up: tongues,
    • basket: feel my balls, I’ll feel yours
    • little hole: feel my dick, I’ll feel yours
  • right hand
    • flat up: not at this moment
    • basket: feel my balls backwards
    • hollow: rubbing dicks
    • both hands flat up: rubbing tongues and dicks
    • hug: tongues, rubbing dicks together and grabbing buttocks

“Normally you have to unzip your trousers, otherwise you don’t feel it enough,” says Peter, pulling his rod straight up.

They do it alternately for each other, then with me. We measure dick to dick and I’m as big as Fred, but he’s a bit thicker on the gland. Peter still has to grow a bit and Carlo is a bit taller.


The summer evening finds us in loose T-shirts, tight jeans and fresh tight jockstraps, which I am allowed to pull up and feel them all over their lovely bums. Difficult to fit them in, they are so stiff. We pull fast to my flat and as we enter there are already four boxes of pizza, still hot, waiting for us. Not only are we horny, we are also hungry! And Harry knows exactly what they like.

We go to my roof terrace and on the way we lose our trousers and t-shirts, so I can look at them again, nothing nicer than beautiful young bodies around me with their almost nothing jockstraps bulged up by their sweets.

And now all four of us are sitting on the sunbeds in our jockstraps, which are tight and already have wet spots of our preseed. Each one sits next to me and kisses me deep. And each other, hard pointed we are. They have to horny me up, that is their task, and I am not allowed to come before they want me to.

They tell about their last cum, Peter in his sister, Carlo in the pussy of his ma while dad fills his hole, Fred with his boyfriend in the pussy of his sister. Not all the way to the end though, because Fred had just been kissing his boyfriend with their dicks in each other’s jockstraps and then shot jizz, so they were a bit low on stock.

I have to smell all three of them and pull open Freds slip, where I can see the big quack of dried seed. His cock is thick, with a big foreskin, which I can taste. Carlo is the second. I first feel his balls, while I press his wet, pink gland above the waistband. He has a long and thin one with big balls and a bunch of frizzy black hair.

Fred comes near and wants to dock with Carlo. “let me do that with your rods” I say, and first I rub their heads against each other, pull both glands completely uncovered and slide Fred’s cover over Carlo’s first and then Carlo’s over it.

“Are we going to continue until we finish?” he asks.

“Sure, girls” I say and massage both of them with my hands to their orgasms. Peter rolls their balls foursome in one hand and the boys’ tongue licks. I glide their glands deep into their foreskin and feel their seed coming up and squirting from their slits. I counted at least eight times throbbing dicks in my hands. I roll their foreskin back, while Peter holds a bowl underneath it. The thick ropes of jizz are dripping from their heads and out of their skins. I am allowed to suck them clean.

Peter is now standing in front of me with preseed leaked through his jockstrap. My moisture has also leaked through to mine. We tongue each other and rub our packed bulges against each other. Peter slides his dick and balls into my jockstrap with one hand movement, our rods and sacks sliding together. I feel our preseed mixing and we massage our smooth dicks between our bellies. I feel Peter’s cock growing even further and he cums shooting inside my jockstrap, covering my cock with his ropes of hot seed.

I am not allowed to ejaculate before they want me to, so I am holding back with difficulty.

Peter slips his rod back and Carlo takes off my jockstrap and then he smears the seed filled cloth on my face. All I can smell now is finished boy’s odour.

Fred stooped down in front of me and Carlo pointed my seed-lubricated cock head at his boy’s pussy. With a push he shoves me deep into Fred, while sliding his stiff pole between my buttocks. Peter licks the six balls in a row. Moments later Peter changes places with Carlo who has filled my boys’ den with his warm seed, who in turn changes places with Fred, after having sprayed his spurts into me. Finally, I am sandwiched with my dick in Peter and Fred in my hole. All three have squirted their jizz into me.

Then I am held back above the bowl to let all the boys’ seed drip out of my man’s hole. Too bad I can’t see that, but I can feel it.

I now have to squat above the bowl of seed where Carlo dips my balls and dick. Fred grabs my rod from behind and slowly jacks me off. Squirting deliciously I cum into his hands and mix my seed with theirs.

Taking turns, they now dip their balls and saturated dicks in our mixed seed and let it drip from their sack back into the bowl. Carlo slowly pours it into a wide glass and we see that it is a lot! We drink it together in small sips, snowball and kiss each other intimately.

Another round?

First we take a seat in the jacuzzi letting us bubble clean, lager in hand. I look from face to face and ponder my rough play with these boys. Peter smiles while talking, Carlo fumbles his foot under my balls, Fred looks me in the eyes “New and different for you, playing with us boys?”

“Nah, At your age I had a neighbour friend, we played always naked in our garden to the amusement of my mother. She urged us to sleep in my single bed belly to belly, when he stayed over at ours. And on the Uni I had Ferdi and friends. You know, Ferdi?”

Peter and Fred do a high five “Yes! We partied with them, You visited him already?”

“We had last weekend a meet and greet, so enjoyable. Slept over and in them, like old times. And you three? I love the view of your bodies and feasting on your cocks. It’s always ok for you to walk in with a friend and have fun.” Carlo and Peter look at each other with sparkling eyes “Brechtje?” “Nah… Ah, let’s!”

Later , in the gym, they do a bench press competition. Fred, the athlete with sixpack, shows he can handle about all the discs and leaves it to he others to have a little competition. I think it’s a bit tricky when they are jerking the dick of the one pushing the weights. But they’re also going to suck it, doing everything to win. Fred holds the rod with weights loosely for safety, having a small disc around his hard cock. Bragging!


Of course, Carlo stays to sleep over, after the others kissed us goodbye -with tongue- and we shot a lot of seed in the bed, no, inside each other….

He is such a bubbling presence, erupting in laughing from ear to ear, his white teeth contrasting with his almost black skin and full lips. And, head onmy belly telling stories! Of boyfriends squirting a match, or how a niece enticed him to eat her cherry. And , while laying on my belly with his head, het takes my cock in his mouth, grins and stands up, fetches another glass of coke, giving a view of his divine ass in front of me. One chunk of life, lightning around me, fucking on my cock seriously and unexpectedly, taking my ass and ending up in a stupid grin…. Yeah, we were asleep too …..


Sandra brings us breakfast and strokes Carlo awake on his morning branch.

“Wiete chick voor zwaarte pik, mai, wat nen goei katrolleke!” [white chick for black cock, mai, what a good tomcat!] she says and his mouth shows instantly horny. She only weares a top and he views straight into her pussy.

“May we fuck you?”

“Nink, Da goa ni. ‘k bin de bedieenng” [no, not possible, I am just the waitress] and she resolutely puts her crotch on his lower abdomen, sliding his dick between her warm cuntlips, and jerks Carlo in front of me with her pussy slit, from which his pink acorn peaks out every time. In the end white streams of seed plunge deliciously down on his dark chest, another nice contrast…

Gepubliceerd door Desiderius Lustig

Ik zet mijn hete dromen om in verhalen vol genot en liefde. Mijn fascinatie is vooral de herinnering aan mensen, ontmoetingen en gebeurtenissen, maar dan omgebogen naar intense lichamelijkheid. In mijn verhalen ben ik daarnaar op zoek en herbeleef al schrijvend, wat er had kunnen zijn of bijna was. Als er maar......

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