Aphroditiae 1-8: Sixth Visitation: The Fat Lady

“Marga’s waiting for you” and points to the room, where she just came from. They take me by the hand like a naughty little boy into a spacious front room, where in the center is a four-poster bed with voiles tied open. Around it three couches, as if it were an altar, a small version of the temple?

Aphroditiae 1-4: Second Visitation: the family

I am dressed up in black shorts and ditto t-shirt. Because of the heat he only wears a white t-shirt and cycling shorts and I see his sex firmly locked in them. Big, as it should be. He makes the hug gesture and our mouths and cocks find each other in a fierce hug. If I was already stiff, now I have a serious hard-on in my pants.