I was still a scoundrel of just 16 when my brother abandoned his family for a blonde, blood-gorgeous, full-figured woman. Dressed in a billiard green dress and on stilettos – stilts as my mother used to say disparagingly- in the same green, she radiated sex in a cloud of perfume. So her buttocks stood bulky too, through those heels.

For me, she was the inspiration for my hot dreams, oh yes, 16 I was. I don’t fall for blondes, and when her perfume soured, she became a sister-in-law and made replacement grandchildren for my mother. Sometimes I still thought about those stilettos and the boy-seed I had shed for them.

Years later, their two daughters stayed with us every summer. A blonde in wide, baggy shirts and an elegant one with red manes and at front and back promises of her mother’s figure.

My Love said no with her eyes when I stared at her again too eagerly. Anyway, she did enjoy my kindled fire those nights.


She was just in her thirties when she suddenly stood before me, luxuriantly wavy, copper locks over her shoulders, rounded in all the right places and wearing stilettos, which adorned her posture. She took me in her arms, a little too intimately for an uncle. And she pressed me, tight, against her belly, too covetous for an uncle.

Her relationship had been broken for a while and my Love had asked her to stay over for old-fashioned fun. Just like they did in the old days, shopping in the city, lunch at the Bijenkorf, going to all the lingerie stores.

So that evening I got a show of negligee-clad Love and cousin with sexy sets and saw her fiery triangle for the first time. Both on stilettos and lusting after my manhood, I thought. I had to get naked on the couch so they could read the effect of their sets from my sex meter.

Close up, I was presented with their nipples on trays, either hidden behind flimsy lace or unashamedly held out to me. I didn’t know that open crotches could open or compress their lips so differently, sharing their excitement with me.

And then they got up and came with a shoebox. Stilettos size 42. For me. I have to show off now, with hard erection yet. I stumble upright and try to find my balance. They help me to take my first steps, screaming with laughter. I hold on to their asses and slide my middle finger into their slippery pleasure groove. The three of us get down on our knees and against the ground.

I stay seated with my back against a chair, legs wide. They face me, also legs wide and each with a stiletto menacingly close to my balls. On the left Love, my sweetheart, my café latte, with familiar breasts and prickly nipples, a black triangle, behind which I know a warm place of play. On the right my niece, lily white, as befits such a redhead, freckles in the strategically exciting places, just as they were planned that way. Her breasts are still standing and erect, pink nipple forecourts, transitioning to freckles….

Her flaming triangle opens as she raises her right knee, folds it outward, spreading her boat for me. Her lips are fuller, rounder, and deeper than Love’s, and I hope I get to slide in there later.

“Villa Pussy View” she smiles at me. But I was already joking about that years ago when she and her sister rolled on the floor and defiantly showed me with their legs wide the white girl panties under their short skirts. And that became a game for those two, I had to guess the color of their panties beforehand. Now it’s for real….

When I suggest putting my stilettos in penis-sleeves (transparent, with big studs) and penetrating them both at the same time with it, they quickly pull out my stilettos. With my bare toes I can now wriggle in their pleasure, that’s better. Quickly my nails shine, they are wet, my girls!

From our glass collection comes a glass slipper from which we take turns drinking an Asti spumante. They give each other wine-filled kisses and drips fall onto their candy tables, as a much older cousin of mine called them, when I was a 10-year-old. When I ask if I can come in for candy, I’m looked away. Also two hard pricks behind my balls.

I have to confess from Love my old lust for my niece. I blush at my thoughts from back then but she laughs “had you figured out as an adolescent. I cuddled you until you got stiff. Giggled about it, with my sister. Dangerous, though, and I wouldn’t have known what to do if you’d persisted. Though I did dream of it.”

“Just like I dreamed of your mother’s stilettos, in the beginning of her relationship with your father?”

“In the nights when my boyfriend had come too early and my turn was already over, I thought of your soft hands and wanted you to hug me, like before. And you gave me that turn on, pushing me over the edge then. And that fuckmeat next to me slept on, deep.”


Love leads us to the conjugal bed, that was accustomed to multiple play. I get in the middle on my back, my pointer to the ceiling. She gestures with her eyes “Lie aside and do something for yourself, we’ll get busy.”

Before my eyes, they lie mouth to mouth, tit2tit and pussy2cunt making love to each other. Love’s sounds tell me how fast she’s taking off, and cousin’s new moans I’m learning to interpret as well. They let go and ecstasy is there, much faster than I expected. Their legs wriggle and shake, their stilettos shoot out and land on the floor with loud thumps, putting a stop to their fireworks.

Love stands up and with a jerk of her head gestures for me to get on my back. She kneels on either side of my hips and unparalleled hastily works me into her pussy. She wants to use the tail end of her orgasm for another top, she can do that, my cowgirl.

I extend my arm to niece and stroke her nipple. “Come sit on me, I want to lick you.” I am overwhelmed by a wetly quivering vulva, full and fragrant with orgiastic pleasure. I thrust my tongue deep inside her and use a finger to find the too-sensitive tip of her clit. From her sharp intake of breath, I know it’s good.

She has Love’s nipples between her thumb and forefinger and is twisting them. I feel that in her clenching cunt and soon my inner thighs begin to twitch. Love pokes my lower abdomen with her sharp nails. “You not yet, huh!” and she cums mightily, wringing my cock, and vocally.

“Switch! He’s on edge, though,” she says as she flattens herself next to me, afterglowing. And then happens, what I have been longing for all evening, I am inside her, behind her flaming triangle between her full lips. I get to feel her ridges, tease her G-spot and pour my seed deep inside her with hard thrusts….

When the moment is right, her lower belly thumps like a chord of long-held, low notes from a majestic church organ, a harmony of her peaks and my throbbing and squirting.

We lie kissing for a long time after, until my erection is a pinkie and slips out. I watch Love eagerly lick my essence and her cyprin. My balls get a turn as well.


It didn’t stop at one time, of course. She stayed that week and came more often, after that. She then called that cuddling. Love inspected her new partner and we celebrated inaugurating their relationship. Now, years later, on cousins’ birthdays, she always sits down across from me and does her knees apart and her lips silently say “Villa Pussy View,” concluded by a duckface. And always with those stilettos.

Gepubliceerd door Desiderius Lustig

Ik zet mijn hete dromen om in verhalen vol genot en liefde. Mijn fascinatie is vooral de herinnering aan mensen, ontmoetingen en gebeurtenissen, maar dan omgebogen naar intense lichamelijkheid. In mijn verhalen ben ik daarnaar op zoek en herbeleef al schrijvend, wat er had kunnen zijn of bijna was. Als er maar......

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