Aphroditiae 1-9: Seventh Visitation: the Ballerina

friday, june 23

Friday night I dress myself in accessible pants with a button fly that goes on to below my ballsack, t-shirt with slits and of course commando.

Just in time, I sit at the long table on one of those high stools in ‘tapas, now!’ when in the doorway, with the sun at her back, Jenny enters in a thin summer dress. No, she floats! I drink her, her slender body, long ballet legs, mildly undulating bosom and handsome face with dramatically wavy dark hair, in dangerous backlighting…..

She walks up to me with tapping heels and kisses me passionately under envious glances around us. Gerda, the barista, strokes her ass “tapas for two? tawny port for you? and Ben another beer?”

“No, make me a tawny too, kisses taste better with a similar taste.”

Jenny adds ” Bring ‘tapas erotica’ with a touch of Spanish fly. i want him hard and eager, tonight.”

“So you don’t have your rabbit with you?” I ask.

“No, you have a kango drill hammer, right?” with a squeeze in my hard crotch.

Then we take little bites and feed them to each other between stolen kisses. Have I only known her for a few minutes? She makes me hard and longing, hot in my lower belly.

“Do you feel those tapas below your belly button too? Or is that our flirting? ” and I kiss her in her neck.

I gesture to Gerda to pay, she waves no with flat hand “will do! You go and multiply, or use a condom.”


We walk out hand in hand and to the cinema. She holds up her smartphone showing the reservation and we enter the theater. A double-seater awaits us. I didn’t see much of the movie, we kissed and our hands were exploring.

Her dress has slits under her sleeves and I find her small breasts, pronged nipples. She has to laugh at all the buttons on my fly, when undone with delicious fidgeting, felt through that thin fabric. The extra long fly gives my balls room for teabagging and letting her play with them.

I leave her vulva alone and my rod she does not touch. We are very slippery and wet though, but you have to keep craving…. She feels the little nipples on my chest grow larger under her careful fingertips.

The credits end our frolicking, we go outside into the cool evening and walk to my apartment. A candlelight dinner is set, candles lit, and in a slender tall vase a white, slightly blushing lily and a crimson rose, half out of bud, peeping out of its foreskin like a glans, on to the peak of their orgasmic bloom.

We sit and Sandra, modestly and chastely dressed, scoops us up a bisque d’hommard. She surprises us with a present, pork tenderloin in puff pastry, artfully folded and risen like an excited cunt. The cream cheese spills out in a slow stream. We slice it and put the morsels in each other’s mouths. Baklava with lapsang souchong to finish.


Sandra is already gone when we lie down on the round play bed against each other. With my smartwatch -I’m getting handy at it- I put on that wonderful music, the Baïlèro by Canteloube: ([xv])

Pastrè dè délaï l’aïo,[Shepherd on the other side of the stream
As gaïré dè buon tèms?Are you having a good time?
Dio lou baïlèro lèro, lèro, lèro, lèro, baïlèro, lô!Sing baïlèro lèro, lèro, lèro, lèro, baïlèro, lô!
È n’aï pas gaïré, è dio, tuNo, I don’t and you can sing too
Baïlèro lèro, lèro, lèro, lèro, baïlèro, lô!Baïlèro lèro, lèro, lèro, lèro, baïlèro, lô!
Pastré lou prat faï flour,Shepherd, the meadows here are in bloom.
Li cal gorda toun troupel.You must let your flock graze here,
Dio lou baïlèro lèro, lèro, lèro, lèro, baïlèro, lô!Sing baïlèro lèro, lèro, lèro, lèro, baïlèro, lô!
L’èrb ès pu fin’ ol prat d’oïçi,The grass is greener in the meadows here,
Baïlèro lèro, lèro, lèro, lèro, baïlèro, lô!Baïlèro lèro, lèro, lèro, lèro, baïlèro, lô!
Pastré couci foraï,Shepherd, the water separates us,
En obal io lou bel riou!And I cannot cross it,
Dio lou baïlèro lèro, lèro, lèro, lèro, baïlèro, lô!Sing baïlèro lèro, lèro, lèro, lèro, baïlèro, lô!
Espèromè, tè, baô çirca,Then I’ll come and find you,
Baïlèro lèro, lèro, lèro, lèro, baïlèro, lô!Baïlèro lèro, lèro, lèro, lèro, baïlèro, lô!]

Jenny knows the song and when it’s finished “You don’t just spin this, what do you mean by lying here listening to this together? “

“Laura, my dead lover, got so into the mood of it, it gave us peace before we went wild on each other. I have deliberately not dared to listen to it since….. But you are so quick so close to me, I want to try. “

I kiss her, no, I eat her, lie on her and let her belly feel my hardness and desire. “Jenneke, Jenneke, Jenneke, what are you doing to me? “

The naughty summer dress comes off over her head, and she now lies seductively exposed. I am out of the few clothes in an instant and we scurry against each other in our nakedness, enjoying warm intimacy.

Then I explore her body with my mouth and kiss her wherever I can touch her. Her prongy, but not too large breasts poke out of their pink areolas with hard nipples. They curl as I blow them dry from my licking…..

Reaching her belly, she does the full split she promised me, never before have I been able to love a vulva like this. So full and fragrant, all the way in, convex lips and tight ridges from clit to sheath.

I stretch so she can play me too. She traces the seam of my sack with a finger, up over the ridge, along the overlaying veins, onto its spout and down into my foreskin, where she finds my slithering glans. “If I were a boy, this would be called docking, isn’t it?” She goes around in it with her tongue, mmmmm.

“Yes but with your cock, nice pussy girl of mine” and I go deep inside her with my tongue. She gasps for a moment, and the earthquakes below her navel begin.

She yanks my foreskin back “And now inside me, quickly!”

I possess her eagerly and covetously, rough and soft, never wanting to cum again, always staying inside her and throbbing and squirting, orgiastic peaking together, always further and further and further….

Then when we blow out of our extase, we lie looking into each other’s eyes, for a long time, and see sharing something precious. ‘Hold on’ I think, and enjoy zen of the moment.

saturday, june 24

That night, in the big bed we found each other twice more and possessed each other in silent eagerness, so good, so good….

A vigorous breakfast is set before us, coarse peasant bread, still steaming fresh and provençal, coarse pâté, quince jam and warm skewers of quiche lorraine. Love makes you hungry. We kiss between each bite.

She washes herself thoroughly on the bidet “Don’t you dare fill me up again, cockguy!” I push her hand away and from behind her take over the washing with my fingers rubbing through her slit. Then when I go straight up inside, she hoots. “Was so nice on the way with that powerful jet on my clit, finish it off!” She comes, leaning against my chest. We rinse in the shower some more and she makes me squirt against the glass.


“I have a couple of ballet classes at noon, will you come over with me?” We walk across the church square and sit on a terrace with a cappucino. A brass band is setting up and I expect a customary play of Sousa.

“Just wait,” she says “it will be special.” After the stroke of 11 the carillon starts, chime, chime, chime, “nothing special” I think, until the horns take over the melody and in perfect harmony put on a beautiful concert.

“Two brothers, Hendrik on the carillon and Jeroen in front of the brass band, picked this up a few years ago in Hoorn and now give regular concerts. “You willsoon run into them, they are the music engine of our circle, together with Marga.”


In her ballet school, she sends me into a side room and begins to wriggle into a ballet outfit, but not without letting me kiss on her pussy in vertical split. She’s already somewhat aroused, I smell and taste.

“Sit here and enjoy”, puts me in a chair in front of a closed wall. She turns on the lights off the room and I look through the mirror behind the bar and the room behind it. I smile at her and ask for tissues. The bell rings and she lets the students in. One by one they come in the class: six girls in their ballet suits and four boys in their knee length shorts, so tight, there is nothing to hide. They are between 7 and 10. Among the girls, I see Ayla’s braided head in bright green tutu.

The class starts with warm up training, then doing the positions, they are pretty good, but I don’t know about them. The exercises at the bar are great , the suits nothing concealing. Then comes practice for the big ballet in late August, a sweet play of bodies in graceful turns, jumps around each other and in intimate touch. You can tell by the boys’ bottoms that they like it.


Second class are teenagers, I see Esmeralda, Maggie two more girls, Peter and three more boys. All eight in a short top and knee socks, girls on spikes, boys on ballet slippers with a curling toe. Interesting ballet this will be!

Same routine from earlier, the bar exercises were great, I look into the taut pussies I already know and the boys are deliciously semi-rigid, cock from exertion a little out of their little hats.

The jazzy music makes them move wildly at first, then becomes seductive in belly to back, belly to belly dancing, straight and gay combos. In the third part, they mate alternately in intimate contact, including the boys! So that’s the sexy twist!

Jenny gestures me to come in and I am greeted happily, have to finger their pussies and jerk the boys cock2cock off, oh well, why not, it’s just game. They kiss me and go take a shower. Lol there, we hear!


“We’re going to do some ballet too” and her ballet outfit comes off. “Bare, you!” She puts me very precisely under the bar “keep your hands flat on the floor” and pulls my glans bare ” this got you pretty excited, hasn’t it?” I nod and she lets a soft tune begin. She squats above me – out of reach – and massages my belly, my thighs, my navel area and pinches my nipples.

Then she turns around, stands and I see her torso, so magnificent with her pronged breasts, and ending in her glorious slit. She reaches back, grabs the bar and sinks back, she becomes just pussy before my eyes, wide open and inviting. She manages to maneuver herself onto my stiff rod and gently works it in. With only to spring on her legs and use powerful Kegels she fucks me, I lie flat and motionless, intently following her movements.

“Now you” and I press my crotch up into her eager cave, a wonderful dance, but I’ll be sore in muscles later! Our bodies tense to the max, we also discharge violently and hold each other in embrace until we are calm again. The music is also finished.

The evening is not for us. She’s going to babysit at friends’ house and stay the night with them too.

“Don’t get fucked flat.”

“Noouww, has some appeal” she laughs and I walk home with springy gait, butterflies in my stomach.



[xv] Baïlèro – “Chants d´Auvergne” Joseph Marie Canteloube 1879-1957 (my translation)



Gepubliceerd door Desiderius Lustig

Ik zet mijn hete dromen om in verhalen vol genot en liefde. Mijn fascinatie is vooral de herinnering aan mensen, ontmoetingen en gebeurtenissen, maar dan omgebogen naar intense lichamelijkheid. In mijn verhalen ben ik daarnaar op zoek en herbeleef al schrijvend, wat er had kunnen zijn of bijna was. Als er maar......

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