Aphroditiae 1-8: Sixth Visitation: The Fat Lady

Thursday, June 22

An angulated double house, gleaming ocre yellow brick with red trims and window jambs, circa 1895, I estimate. The entrance on the corner with a square turret above it, turned 45 degrees, with wrought iron railings on the eaves. ‘Gee, what will this bring now?’ I think. The crunching gravel path leads me to three steps and a large, double front door, oak and glossy lacquered.

With a huge bunch of white and red roses in my arms -according to instructions- I ring the doorbell and a typical lesbian in blue striped suit with pink tie opens. “Come loverboy, we were expecting you earlier.” Efficiently she takes the bunch from me “brought vegetables for us? Attentive! I’m Sophie” and leads me through a door into a sunny garden room. The furnishings are as fin de siècle as the house with full sized armchairs and a chaise longue. There is a faint smell, Mediterranean. I see on a sideboard a Lampe Bergier. “Jardin Riviera” she confirms.

Then out of another room comes a young woman not yet 20, shaking her head to let her long dark blonde hair fall nicely over her shoulders, I am dumbfounded. ‘Paulus with tits!’ I think as I see this petite lady approaching me with open arms. “So you are Ben and I am Janna, the marriageable daughter of the house. Shut your mouth and yes, I’m one of Paulus offspring too.” Before I can properly admire her, she presses her body against mine and looks straight into my eyes, just like her father. There is a wiff of sex around her, woman sex, fresh. She puts her lips on mine and forces her tongue inside me, sharing the full taste of pussy with me.

“Marga’s waiting for you” and points to the room, where she just came from. They take me by the hand like a naughty little boy into a spacious front room, where in the center is a four-poster bed with voiles tied open. Around it three couches, as if it were an altar, a small version of the temple?

Like a tableau vivant, the fat lady lies naked against the padded, red velvet headboard in uber-rubensian fullness. Beautiful head, round bosom to get lost in, nipples you wet-dreamed of as a baby, and round belly with a fat apron under which a dark overgrown mound being the beginning of the bermuda triangle of soft flesh in which you lose your cock and balls – your horny soul. She is Paulus’ “fat lady,” but also the Hora, next to Venus. And his sister-in-law, who Paulus and Monique frequently loved together….

“Well you guys have to explain all these complicated relationships to me. It makes me dizzy.”

Marga lay back on the bed, sideways, one leg in front of the other, thighs gleaming, and when she leaned on her elbow, her tits hung sisterly against each other. “Monique and I were inseparable, sleeping together in one bed all our youth and discovering our womanhood in each other’s hands. She is much older than me and I cried for weeks at night when she went to live in a room in the big city to attend art school. After about six weeks, mother put me on the train to spend a weekend with her. She picked me up from the station, along with a boy in a brown, chunky corduroy suit, handsome! with curls, like the one over there” and she points at Janna. ‘This is Paulus, he wants to be my boyfriend, if it’s okay with you’ my sister said, Paulus winked at me hornily, though at the time I didn’t know what that meant.

That night I watched them copulate in their single bed under the covers, writhing in the moonlight. With deep sighs they stopped and after audible kisses Paul got out of bed, half stiff and dripping to grab a ‘kutdoekje’ [pussy patch], as he called it, for between her thighs.

He smiled at me. “You too a round?”

“Are you kidding, she’s only 12! Maybe in about four years!” said Monique protectively.

I was already an overweight girl by then and embarrassed in my pajamas. “The baby fat never came off” she tapped on her full curves. Paul stroked me over the head “You are beautiful and we have a whole life ahead of us.” He often eyed me from a distance those years. He browsed art books with me about Rubens, full women, all of them. He planted in me the belief, that being full, was explicitly beautiful and that helped me through my fatshame-full teenage years. He was my first and about my only, in those years, in trio with Monique. And I continued to live -on and off- with them.”

Sofie pours me a glass of wine “And much later, when I had just started dating Paulus’ brother Manus, he announced me as his GF to that horny couple. Apparently approved, the five of us spent that weekend in debauched physicality. A course in family-woman sex, so to speak. After four children with Manus and a year in threesome with Margarie, Marga and I got together. And Paul blessed that love with Janna. And Manus and Margarie have also been together for over 20 years now.”

Janna sniffs my crotch and teases me big. “Rhonda told me so, you have a hair-trigger! And can go on endlessly. Maybe I’ll come live in your bed for a while.”

I groan “Already such a sister to you, too. And horny! But how is the story with you going on now?” She points a thumb at a large abstract on the wall “My 18th birthday. Called ‘orgy 18’. Look through your eye hairs.” And indeed, the rough smudges and sketches become the loving parts of joy of at least 7 family members. Paulus!


I kneel down by the lady and she opens her thighs “kiss me” and I now experience what Paulus has captured so precisely, the vulva of everlasting adoration. I caress her bulging belly, so flawless, no stretch marks, nicely constricted at her deep navel. Her nectar flows richly and I want to cum in her, eternally in that soft embrace of her thighs.

Against my will, I am lifted up by both shoulders by the now naked Sophie and Janna, mother (51) and daughter (19), who rapidly undress me. I am returned to my lover, who receives me between her spread thighs and pulls me onto her belly and sideways falling tits. She smiles mouth to mouth and whispers “Monique advised me to take you. Make, there deep inside me, that she is right.”

My rod enters her sheath and I sway to her fullness. I kiss her lips open we taste each other deeply. Four hands massage me on my back and buttocks. Her nipples, under my arms they take into their mouths.

“Crescendo!” Marga shouts and picks up the pace, to her first summit with me. I feel her pussy ring tighten around my rod and rub her clit firmly with my pubes. Her body trembles with pleasure and I thrust into her in small jerks until she breathes calmly again.

I am laid on my back on the floor by Sophie and Janna, they squat above me and I can freely look into their pussies for a moment.

Marga kneels over me, facing forward, her breasts caressing my face. I feel my rod being guided into her sheath. She slides her belly firmly over mine and her nipples sway over my outstretched tongue. It’s a horny rotation with our penetration as the blissful center.

Then I pull my knees up and start thrusting deep and hard, where she is now full on me with both nipples in my mouth to suck and bite. This is the way to heaven, my orgasm starts in my toes, makes my leg muscles twitch and I come throbbing, accompanied by streams of seed, squirting into her already ecstatically contracting cunt. This is “le petit mort,” dreaming away after the peaks of pleasure. “Aphrodite will be delighted with such adoration!” she whispers “Now take our love juices into your mouth and share them with me.”

Approaching her pleasure, I see her lips, glazed in seed and from her sheath flows my essence. It’s a sin to eat this beauty, but we need it for our love play. So wonderful, to give your warm seed twice to your lover and to enjoy it after cumming in loving kisses, messy, that is.

In her eyes I read, that she feels desired by me and loved for her soft body, but what do I know about a woman’s soul, little guy! We came together and violently, well….

We look sideways and see mother-daughter love, tongue in pussy, totally engrossed in each other. They are equals, tomboys, with boy boobs, big nipples, thin, long legs and wide at their vulva.

I lick them both, two tongues in one slit, but they don’t let me distract them until both have cum at the same time. Sophie then kisses me with her dripping face “You’re a sweetie and I choose where and how I want you.”

Janna pulls on my cock “I want another dessert”, fluffs me up and works me deep into her tunnel. Warmed up like this, it’s a breeze to get her to cum again, but then she says “dessert is with whipped cream, keep going, you!” After Marga, such a boy’s body with pussy is a blissful contrast to love and fill with your cream.

Janna drips her dessert into Marga’s open mouth and then lets her mother continue the licking.


The fuck with Marga was excellent, never had a bbw before, but now I understand what Monique said about her. I sit against Marga’s belly and gently caress her breasts and to her sighs my little one responds. “I felt you so close, you made me happy when we came” And I wipe a few tears from her cheeks. Sophie looks at me “That’s why I love her so much!”

We get to talking about my lesbian skills and my man-handling clumsiness and I tell them about Anneke and Lynn’s chambre d’hôtes in Auvergne, exclusive to dykes, called ‘le double V’ or ‘the double vulva’, obscure and cryptic to the unsuspecting outside world.

That’s where they want to go and made me email them, that I have approved of their pussies. The girls email back that they want to see group selfies first and we send them our heads in a row and the 3 pussies with me in Janna. They also ask if I fucked all 3 of them and what they thought of me. I feel a piece of fuck meat in this pussy discussion, but oh well.

They can come and lick for a week in August.


The model of “L’origine du monde”, the famous tableau of Gustave Courbet, has enfin a name and face ! The identity of Constance Quéniaux, is revealed in a letter of Alexandre Dumas junior at George Sand.

‘L’origine du monde’ Gustave Courbet – 1866 ([xiv])

When I get home, across from my recliner hangs ‘The Fat Lady’. I kiss her on her cunt, which I have just been allowed to possess. I can still vaguely smell the oil paint and actually that smell does suit Marga.

Next to my bed now hangs a two-meter large, beautiful cunt in purple, hard and soft, sisal and wool, which I recognize as Joy’s. Pingie looks out of her opening. So I’m not in the category of horny guys….

Later in the mail I find pictures of the girls, each with a bunch of roses between their legs “we always promise you a rose garden.” That makes me so hard!


Later that Thursday night, the discussion with Jenny quickly went into depth:

Jenny   23:17:33 – Do you wash your dick often enough?
Ben   23:18:02 – I’ve got pussies running around here for that.
Jenny   23:18:38 – Braggart! I think you’re an old wanker who smears his jizz on his pillowcase.
Ben   23:19:20 – When are you coming to inspect my pillowcase? Can I look right into your pussy when you’re in that nice splits again.
Jenny   23:19:37 – Want to go to the cinema tomorrow? Can you squeeze my kitty in the dark with your long supple fingersright away, pervert!
Ben   23:20:05 – top, tomorrow night 7 o’clock, in that tapas bar a first drink then?
Jenny   23:20:27 – deal! I’ll pick out a movie. And shall I bring a toothbrush?
Ben   23:20:49 – And don’t forget your rabbit. For when you want to sleep on the couch and not on my stomach. Nighty-night :*


[xiv]‘L’origine du monde’ Gustave Courbet – 1866 – Musée d’Orsay, Paris


And the reconstruction:


The model of “L’origine du monde”, the famous tableau of Gustave Courbet, has enfin a name and a face! The identity of Constance Quéniaux, is revealed in a letter of Alexandre Dumas junior at George Sand.

Gepubliceerd door Desiderius Lustig

Ik zet mijn hete dromen om in verhalen vol genot en liefde. Mijn fascinatie is vooral de herinnering aan mensen, ontmoetingen en gebeurtenissen, maar dan omgebogen naar intense lichamelijkheid. In mijn verhalen ben ik daarnaar op zoek en herbeleef al schrijvend, wat er had kunnen zijn of bijna was. Als er maar......

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