Aphroditiae 1-7: Fifth Visitation – Survey

Tuesday, June 20

The coffee machine has all my attention, when I am fully groped in my crotch from behind. Whispered in my ear “Ploughing in my garden, hey!” I turn my head and look into the blue eyes of Kees. He claws me hard down there. “Maggie told me how you bonked her, gee! How those stories made me horny. My wife Anda too. So had to play the super-alpha inside those two, while she kept giving me pointers, how nice you did it, pffft.”

I kiss him softly on his lips “thank you for such a daughter! Cappucino?” And now he’s got me all hard and so I can’t go back to my drawing board for a while. He also tents quite a bit, if that’s even a verb.

Leonard comes into my office at about ten o’clock and asks if I’m ready to look at and survey that conference area with him. He has a pack of drawings from the remodelling 30 years ago and drops them on my desk. He unfolds a few on my drawing board and we stand next to each other looking at them. “Most will be correct I guess, it was a club with little money.”

“Froukje?” I ask. “Went to see her family again for a few days. Seems like she gets lots of attention there, she always beams with steely blue eyes when she comes back.”

We pick up a picnic basket from Harrie’s; Elvita at the front desk is good at arranging those things. Quick check: petit pains, cold chicken, salad niçoise, cold drinks in an insulated compartment, box of whipped cream puffs. We’ll not starving. Plates and knives under the lid, tablecloth on top.

We drive towards the property, at least an hour’s drive and talk a bit about projects and ask Leonard about his home situation. Married five years to Maya 23, he is 28, they are an ambonese family. They just got pregnant, so it’s going to be quite a change for them. For about four years Maya’s 4 years younger sister Cindy has been living with them, since their mother died. A menagerie à trois, I assume.

And whether I can find ground under my feet yet. Uuuh….. and in my mind’s eye uninhibited family sex flies by, Joy’s dripping pussy, Kees’s daughter with girlfriend… “Slowly, but yes…” and pffft, we are talking about projects again.

As we drive onto the property, we see the manager/gardener waiting for us at the house porch. He hands us a bunch of keys “With these you can get in anywhere. Alarm I turned off. Leave the keys on the hall table and pull the door shut behind you when you leave. Its my day off today.” And away he went.

Walking around this nineteenth century, neo-Gothic house I’m glad, that the club was short of money to seriously vandalize the property, they whitewashed mostly. High Hogwarts content. Monumental, late 19th century, two stories on a basement. At the rear are two 1932 wings, the right wing with a wooden vault over a church hall. On the left, the dormitory wing, with a floor in the attic, divided in two with separate entrances.

Dormitories! Girls and boys separated. We find lurking holes in the partition and Leonard admires the Christian ingenuity of the good boys. There is another pile of spotted mattresses and yes, left and right at crotch level the signs of Onan. Generations have spilled seed there, from father to son…. The girls’ mattresses have faint stains in the middle, along with bloodstains brushed away evidence of pleasure.

One shower per dormitory and a wash trough with cold water in a washing room. The house rules from 1932 were still hanging there:

Strictly forbidden to go around undressed in the sleeping and bathing areas.
No more than one person at a time may be in a shower cell!
Keep the cell door closed during use.
Enter and leave the shower cell completely covered.
When washing do not stay longer in certain places than strictly necessary.

The front house has large rooms with gothic windows downstairs, apparently used as conference rooms. Upstairs it is a bit cramped, the old rooms divided into small sleeping quarters. The company kitchen in the basement of the house is up to date.

We spend about an hour and a half checking and the drawings are right on. The installations are also according to specs. Windfall, Leonard can quickly put the old plans into Autocad and I can get sketching soon.

The setback was the structural condition. Leaking roof, steel window frames, rusted and sprung from the masonry, and the back wings stink of mold. Leonard emerges from the crawlspace cursing, cute cobwebs in his hair, on his face and shoulders. “Fungus and wood rot! I smelled it already!”


The courtyard has a well-maintained pool, probably intended for baptisms. At the bottom a Jan Toorop mosaic in sparse, black lines, John, lovingly immersing a man, both nineteentwenties innocent, almost naked.

There is a picnic bench and also a couple of sunbeds near the pool. The gardener doesn’t make it too difficult for himself…

I set the table from the picnic basket, plates, knives and see a tube of ky with a yellow pad, ‘have fun! En-Joy’. Shit!

We eat the salad and the sandwiches, the chicken and other toppings and take the cold drinks. We grab the whipped cream puffs and sit on a lounger next to each other, eating messy.

“He keeps the pool nice and clean, that gardener, huh. You’d take a dip in it in a minute.”

“Why not? We’re in no hurry, I have no appointments today. And you still have cobwebs on your back.”

I get out of my clothes and -think of the ky mind you- just stand in my nothingness. I see Leonard dawdling with his briefs, but he not stays behind. We look at each other shamelessly and dive into the cool water. Laps later, splashing and romping, we climb out of the pool, shake ourselves off and lie down next to each other to dry in the sun.

We look at each other, drinking each other’s bodies, at first curiously, then erotically, and slowly we grow stiff, without saying a word. Leonard gets up, sits down next to me and takes my erection in his hand. “Been wanting this for weeks” and pulls my glans bare. He caresses my chest and belly, kisses my navel and licks my seed slit. I stroke through his hair.

“Come sit on my chest” I say and look at his beautiful, rapier-length cock above a deliciously wrinkled sack on his coffee brown body with pitch-black curly hair! Between thumb and forefinger I move his foreskin up and down, his pointy glans raising its head in surprise each time.

“Don’t say anything, we’re going to taste each other” and sideways explore each other’s cock and sac, letting balls roll. “I want you” I say and pull out the ky and let him read the yellow pad.. “That Joy, always so practical!” So wonderful, feeling his thin long cock deep inside me. He fucks gently, but firmly, just like he talks. He cums palpably, so relaxed throbbing….

He wants me rough and hard, colonial hard! I’m not like that, I do my best to repeat the ‘politionele acties’ of ’49, but squirt anyway lovingly.


We explore the ruggedly wooded back terrain and find the camp spot, which Joy meant under tall beech trees on a little higher ground. It slopes down there to the “Bruine Plasje” to which the property adjoins. A rickety jetty extends into the water and, further down, a boathouse.

Despite our nakedness, Leonard has the keys with him. Inside, four canoes hang over the water, reasonably maintained by the looks of it. There is also a cramped attic with a ladder on the wall as access.

Suddenly a story of my Aunt Mia comes to mind. She was full of teenage love and went with that boyfriend to a conversion weekend, here, when this place was called ‘Godslust’ [lust of God] here. He took her, right here on this little attic, their first, sinful time. I smile and think about how on these floor, all those god fearing teenagers discovered how godly it is, to give in to the weakness of the flesh.

We sit on the dock, feet in the water, warmed by the afternoon sun. Leonard mulls aloud about repair and maintenance of all those buildings, I am already getting lost in new spaces, where I see naked people playing and worshipping each other.

When from those images my cock gets stiff, Leonard pulls my mouth to his and from lightly stirring each other’s lips, to fierce tonguing we enjoy this warm embrace in the sun. We nuzzle, stroke and cuddle, pulling and thumbing our cocks until we cum in each other’s hands.

An important, internal departmental discussion, this. Safe, because we are the “discrecy” department, right?

We drive back office and he says “You should come play with us soon. Maya will want to know all about your cock later and so will Cindy.”

Leonard tells, that when his sister-in-law came to live with them after their ma died, the sisters shared him within a week together. But then again, he would have also had to ask his mother-in-law for Maya’s hand, lying down with her and bumping. And she really didn’t give in easily.

“They are very different in technique, but their pussies are identical, even their pleasure spots, roses with inner lips unfolded. Their pussy grip is different, though. Maya is of the slow build up and has a continuous orgasm if I do it right, Cindy is of fast build up and then lots of explosions. Hard to keep your seed in.”

“Will be nice to take them with me, you do that more often with friends?”

“Monthly pretty much, but when she was fertile I went crazy, no friends poking them and they both wanted me to take them twice a day…..”

Tuesday night

Jenny 23:19:20 – You are the talk of the little circle!
Ben    23:20:10 – Oh yeah, do I have any fans now?
Jenny 23:20:45 – Ayla was full of it at ballet class today, so you have a funny face with an itchy mustache, slender hands with long, supple fingers and just as tight a bulge in your pants as her daddy
Ben    23:20:10 – Oh yes, I was there on Friday. All moksi mitti [mixed meat] to eat and to play with. Ayla was just leaving when I came. And her description is correct.
Jenny 23:20:32 – Am curious to see how supple those fingers of yours are. Imagine a lot about that bump. There was such a giggle coming from the locker room….
Ben    23:21:11 – All in good time. Or is your slit wet?
Jenny 23:21:47 -Always, boy, you can drown in it. I’m going to wash my hands of that now, goodnight :*
Ben    23:22:18 – French kiss on all your lips. Nighty-night :*
Jenny 23:22:58 – mmmmm

Paulus, Wednesday, June 21

At about five o’clock my smartwatch vibrates. I tap and see that Paulus is nearby.

He apps ‘doing a pint? We need to have a chat.’

I look out the window at the top of his grey curly head ‘Ok I see your bald crown. Be right there’. He looks up and gives me a duckface, dirty old man.

Leonard gestures of ‘get out of here’ when I announce I will be working through tonight at home. “Don’t go on all night, huh! We don’t have a deadline, mind you” But yes, I’m digging deep into the projects and that takes my time.

Outside, Paulus puts his arm around my waist and looks me deeply in the eyes. “Greetings from your mom and dad. How beautiful tecnique is! Talking to each other all afternoon after so many years, just picked up where we left off. Only aged a little on the outside, perhaps more beautiful. She was my Rembrandt’s Saskia and da Vinci’s Lisa to me and I draw her again and again as I remember her like a loved one. I understand, they are coming in September? Oh, holding them in my arms again! And a new round of portraits….”

“And many more, knowing you. Arranging a medicine for under the tongue in advance?” I laugh.

On the terrace of La Venezia, a group of teenagers are sensually licking ice creams. Rhonda winks at me. “Hey daddy!” she calls out but gives Paulus a high-five.

He grins a little shyly at me. “Well, her mother Ellen lived with us for a while, we got a little too excited. But didn’t she turn out beautifully?”

For a moment with my eyes closed, I remember how beautiful and what a nice playmate she is. She presses her ice cream to my lips “Are you thinking of me?”

I take a lick “Mmmm, just as delicious as your pussy, but she’s hotter…”

“I heard that!” says Paulus “what flavors do you want?”

“Malaga and stracchiatella. Do they have prune juice ice cream too?” I get a punch on the shoulder “sex beast!”

Licking, we walk on. I look sideways at Paulus and feel familiar with him, no words needed, just being close by. Great.

The patio of ‘the horny tomcat’ is a sunny spot, it is still early and we are sitting there alone, with a ‘Duvel’ in front of us. Paulus yawns. “Had quite a night. Litha vigil, celebrating midsummer night. Beautiful it was, but I’m done, now.”

I nod “With my parents I also once celebrated this sunrise at a remote nudist campsite in Italy, with friends. Was peaceful and my first group hug. Of course, as a 17 year old, I tried more with my vacation girlfriend, but she looked at me angrily when I tried to enter her forest with my fingers.” I can see her again in a moment, Gertrude from Magdenburg, bushy blonde, with tight Magdeburg hemispheres. A week later, my hands were already speaking pretty German…. “Does the circle celebrate all the annual festivals?”

“Yes, and in between there are the monthly celebrations. When your time comes, you will be there.” He wiggles his ass for a moment to give his gear some space in his jeans and stretches once more.

“Your mother is worried about you. She’s been updating me on that monkey on your shoulder and isn’t sure it’ll help if we turn it into a fucking bunch of monkeys. What do you think?”

“I haven’t figured that out yet. Being so physical the last few weeks feels nice and warm, but is it play or do I feel secure too? With you and Monique, yes! Like with my parents. Joy feels like a butterfly and playing with Ferdy is for old times’ sake. But I still have a long way to go, before I…..”

Paul drinks a sip, puts a hand over mine “I’m not a psych, but I can observe well. I have a thousand pictures in my head that I’m going to paint someday. I focus on facial expressions, happy, ecstatic, sad, indifferent, angry, lustful and intense delight. I pull those images out in a moment, even if it’s fifty years ago and use them in my work. When you went into Monique’s warmth this week, I saw your joyful surrender to her, just as with my brother Manus -now 63- when she made him become a man at sixteen. So pure, you’ll be fine, losing yourself in that other person already succeeds. Right?”

“Is it daring to bond? ” I ask myself. “Afraid to go into the deep end? Going further than body to body, I do try, now that I’ve taken the first steps and located with lovely people.”

And then we look deep into each other’s eyes, for minutes, silent and blinking is allowed.

Suddenly there is Joy, with a prosecco in hand “Am I interrupting?” and sits down with us. “Lovers? “

“Mhm, just starting our first daddy-son act. Did you know, that he could have really fathered me?”

“Jaha,” she nods impertinent “I know, there’s nothing accidental, here. Your Aunt Mia asked me to help you and at the same time André had spotted you for partner, that was the only coincidence. From there we set everything in motion and made your bed. But, do you think we are overfeeding you with meetings?”

“I just had a nice love-hate relationship with my black cloud and this is throwing me off balance. Very tasty though! And Sweet. How do I score, by the way?”

“You must come from a happy and horny nest, and so skilled! They think you’re a nice playmate, and out for your partners’ ecstasy, not your own. You are already secretly included in the circle, just ask your daddy here.” She gulps back her wine and with a “Blessed coitus!” we admire her tight ass as she steps kittily out through the gate.


Paul grabs both my hands and gently steals them. “Have a bite to eat, together? I want to introduce you to an old sweetheart of mine.”

A small walk later we enter ‘Vindobona’, a small Wienerwald-style eatery, nothing changed since the seventies. Crafty pine and a Winterhalter’s Sissi replica on the wall.

Elisabeth von Oesterreich, 1865, Winterhalter([xiv])

We’re just barely seated, directly under that painting. “Mutti, Mutti, Paulus ist wieder da!” [Mother, Paulus is here again] calls the man behind the bar, emphatically, “mitt Sohn!” [with son]

From the kitchen door comes a tawny female in her seventies “ach mein Liebling!” Paulus stands and they take each other in their arms. This is love of 50 years, I think. When they are out of kissing, Paulus points to the portrait “this is how she was, when Uschi and I were young” I see it! Not Sisi, but she, with smoldering lust in her eyes. And -Paulus’s style- the lace dress is piquantly transparent. The love for his model and her excitement come intensely to you.

“I’ll prepare your snitzl, spätzli with it, of course,” she says and pointing at me “a son I don’t know about?”

“Almost” laughs Paul. “Played with his parents before he was made and fucked his mother while he was still inside her. Practice father, so to speak.”

“Hänsli, bring g’spritztes!” [ bring spiked wine] We get our light drink. “He’s been enchanting all the women all his life. Since my Peter is no more, I look at this portrait too often and long for you again as I did then. Yes, wet.” She kisses him on his forehead and walks toward the kitchen mumbling “Arbeiten” and we can hear her hammering the meat seriously flat, lust-inducing, so to speak.

“In my last year of college, we often ate here, what her father called ‘liebessnitzel’, one plate for two people. Cheaper, especially for student couples. When Monique went to Poland, I ordered that here with Timmetje, but we had to kiss forced by her father, because this menu was only for lovers. When we did that passionately, he also asked me if I could do a portrait of his daughter. ‘Mein prinsessin Sissi’ he called her, thinking she was safe with gays, no way! I went out with her that night and she stayed with me for two months. Hungry love that was on both sides. Look at the portrait, you can see the result in her eyes.”

“And how did Monique take that? She away for a while and you another bed warmer?”

“No, that was different, we sent each other hot drawings all the time, fotos, especially intimate ones, was complicated then. We shared our intense emotions that way and Uschi and Monique later became intimate friends with me as a toy in between, a living dildo, so to speak. And just like with your parents, we left here and the contact diluted.”

Incredibly, a snitzel of almost half a meter, hanging over the edge of a pizza plate, beaten very thin and tender with a crispy crust. Uschi smiles as she places the plate in front of us. “Kisses!” Hänsli sets the side dishes and pours a crisp white Nussberg for us.

We feed each other small bites, look at each other, steal kisses, and I feel as peaceful with him as I do with my father, and I say so.

“We need to turn your mourning into being happy for what you had. Tough question, but can you describe a happy memory razor sharp? No, not your best orgasm, just peaceful sitting together..”

I look at him thoughtfully. “Then I’ll start crying.”

“Just do it-” Again his hands over mine.

“We were in a cottage in Schoorl last year, celebrating friendship with three buddies. We walked in the warm summer evening through the dunes to the sea, just the two of us alone for a while. Sitting quietly on a dune top we watch the sunset, hand in hand and I see the yellow glow getting fainter and redder on her face. ” Tears roll down my cheeks. “I told you, this is so hard!”

“Look in your memory at her eyes, her face, her breasts. Joyful? Happy? Peaceful? Cherish that moment of you together and never let it go.” He kisses my eyes dry, as my father used to do. Peacefully in his arms, I feel my sadness subside and give way to the love of that unique moment.

“Do you have any pictures of her? I want to capture this moment for you.”


At home we browsed through photo books, which Laura always kept. He let me tell of her and I enjoyed it, with dry eyes. We laughed at the stories, which she had written next to them in her beautiful round handwriting. I heard her voice reading it to us.

He stayed with me that night.


[xiv] ‘Elisabeth von Oesterreich’ 1865, Winterhalter, Hofburg, Wien

Gepubliceerd door Desiderius Lustig

Ik zet mijn hete dromen om in verhalen vol genot en liefde. Mijn fascinatie is vooral de herinnering aan mensen, ontmoetingen en gebeurtenissen, maar dan omgebogen naar intense lichamelijkheid. In mijn verhalen ben ik daarnaar op zoek en herbeleef al schrijvend, wat er had kunnen zijn of bijna was. Als er maar......

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