Aphroditiae 1-6: Fourth Visitation: Stamina

Monday 19 June

I just finished eating when my smartwatch says that I have to stay home for a test by two circle members. On their announces downstairs I let them into the hall, but when I look through my glass front doors I think I’m being tricked. Two hot cunts from an escort site. Geez!

“They’re nice, aren’t they? En-Joy” buzzes my smartwatch. Ooo-kaaaay, then.

My dick grows up to my nose when I let them in, while I try to keep my eyes at eye level.

Maggie, 17, is a blond slim with sturdy upright boobs, thin, long legs and a wide pussy portal, covered with flax curls I imagine, all wrapped up in a tight jeans and a belly-bare top; Rhonda, also 17, lives up to her name with her full, round tits and nice full thighs with a fur above them, as dark as her curls, but I just saw that later when she had taken off her tennis skirt and blouse.


Delighted, they walk around, hanging over the patio railings, loudly greeting a friend on the street below, plopping down on the couch and jumping on beds, testing for resilience and comfort. They roll onto their backs, legs wide, Rhonda flashing an inviting pussy in a short skirt, ohhh yeah, commando. Maggie sets herself at the piano and plays jazzy, impressing! Rhonda grabs drinks from the fridge and pours our glasses.

“So girls, did the landlord send you on a home inspection?”

They look at each other and shoot into a giggle, bending forward and back again, ‘bakvis’ [school-miss] behavior it was called that in Cissy van Markxveldt’s nineteen-thirties’ books and I say so.

“No, we’re from the ‘JoPoPiNoLoeKiKo-club’ [xiii], so to speak. We’re just called different.” I’m surprised, that those Joop Terheul books are still lying around in girls’ rooms and being read too! “But then, we’re a little more of the unchaste variety and a lot more active with the boys.” they grinned, and again too cheerfully, as if they have planned something with me. Should I object to that and slow them down a bit? Away sensible considerations! Away! Play along witrh them!

Maggie says she’s going to take a piss, Rhonda and I sneak into the adjacent shower to watch her through the -surprise! suddenly transparent- glass wall. She pretends not to see us and slides her skinnies down with her back to us. When her red panties come off she bends down extra so we can see her nice pussy from behind.

She raises the seat and squats on the pot “she learned that from turkish Ozlem” Rhonda whispers and Maggie pisses with a big jet from her slit into the pot. I’m not big on pee sex, but this ÌS horny! A girl’s hand mischievously squeezes the hard one in my pants. Again we look into her pussy as she dries her lips, mmmm. We quickly get on the couch and act like nothing happened, Rhonda lies with her head in my crotch, cheek against my too-tight fly, I play with her locks.

She lets her leg slide off the couch so Maggie can sit in her other knee bend, stroking her bare thigh. Her hand disappears under the short skirt, while Rhonda looks at me with a horny smile. I stroke the nose tip in my crotch with my index finger and then her lips. She gasps the top in and gently sucks my finger. I see her skirt bulge and move, I know what Maggie is doing there. Her gaze turns glassy and she sighs around my second phalanx.

“You going a little?” I ask and she nods grinning. “oooohhhh.” She squirms with her lower abdomen. “But what are you guys coming here to do anyway?”

“We have to work with you, Joy has instructed us to give your old man’s body a stress test. She knows WE don’t know when to stop.” I protest ‘old’, I’m only 33 and have a tight body.

“You guys don’t have to, do you? Because I really don’t want to. No matter how tempting you are.” Somewhat desperately that comes out of my mouth, so.

“No, we play with all the sweethearts we know, and now we know you too, don’t we? Esmeralda bragged about you so much, so we want to try you too.”.

I close my eyes for a moment “Tjee, so young, last time I played with giggling girls was when I was the same age as you!”

“Were you popular?”

I began to tell about that sleepover at Aunt Mia’s, when I went with both of the neighbor boys to a friend’s house with pool. “Six girls and three boys, skinnydipping, you can imagine. And yes, have had them all, if you want to know, and a few times though” I brag.

Rhonda bites my finger and begins to squirm violently. Maggie slaps her skirt back and slides with fingers in Rhonda’s pussy and a thumb on her clit. I see in her eyes how she cums violently, just like that on my lap, her cheek against my stiff self. Her gaze is so beautiful, seeing the feminine fulfillment, right before me! She sighs long and stretches “ieeahhhouuuuu”. Her tightly, prickly nipples in her top I stroke, I dare to do that now.

Whether I think Philip is such a hunk too, Maggie asks. “Beautiful body he has, with his fine treasure-trail, we double dipped Joy together and mmmhm, his cock throbbed nicely against mine in her pussy. He kisses divinely too.”

They nod jealously and tell of a birthday party where he took all the girls and boys on his cock and squirted eight, yes eight! times. “I would love to have him to myself for a weekend, ohhh” dreams Rhonda “even if I have a raw slit for a week after that. Yes I am one of his groupies.”

I listen to their girl gossip, who with whom, what they did, how, where and how many times. Informative! And I get to see all the selfies the girls send each other of their titties and their pussies, before and after. Also a wonderful collection of dicks in a great state of excitement. Mouths full of seed. Sometimes wonderful pics, worthy of an arty porn site.


So the test concerns my endurance with these tasty young girls, boy! But after that, it’s okay to come hard a few times, they promise me.

They teach me the secret woman’s greeting:

  • left hand
    • flat up: tongues,
    • basket: feel my tits
    • hollow: feel my pussy, feel your cock
  • right hand
    • Flat up: not for a while
    • basket: feel my nipples
    • hollow: rub your dick on my belly
  • both hands
    • Flat up: kiss, feel my tits and rub my dick
    • hug: tonguing, cock-pussy rubbing and grabbing bare buttocks

But first Rhonda unzips my pants, otherwise I won’t feel them enough….

All grips done first with Maggie, how horny that made me! My pants and shirt off and a wet spot in my pointed briefs I continue practicing with Rhonda. At left hand hollow I go with my hand under her skirt and feel directly in her naked slit. I just about cum from the slick juice between her lips. She smiles and says, that I should just slide inside with my middle finger. That’s easy, because she already has a very wet way into.

With right hand hollow I rub my wet briefs over her wooded venus mound which gets a slippery bath from my abundant pre-seed, as my cock sneaks out through the fly….


I’m laid on the floor and the girls pull off my last clothes, with in front of me, a direct view of Rhonda’s slit. She unbuttons her blouse and skirt, throwing them away, and squats above my crotch. I feel her lips fold open on my rod and balls.

Meanwhile, Maggie stands above me, unzipping her pants. I see a wet spot, where her pussy opening was. I imagine how I’ll slide in there, surely some time tonight, right?

Her jeans fall on my nose and I sniff her horny smells. She steps out of her pants and shoes and squats with her open slit (she apparently left her panties off after pissing) right over my mouth. I stick my tongue up and lick her lips. Pussy hair tickles my nose, which enjoys the horny smells. She puts her hands behind my head, pressing me into her cave overflowing with horniness. My tongue travels down the track to her clit, which is waiting to be sucked.

“Enough already” she says and lies down next to me. Rhonda rolls me on top of Maggie, holds her top open and pushes my head in. There I see two tit mounds with proud nipples ogling me. “May I?” I say while kissing and sucking. “This is just the beginning, you have to make sure, that your tongue makes us cum at the same time, will work, right?”

Their tops off, I take one nipple of each in my mouth and suck vigorously, rolling the other two with my hands. They get as big as little boy cocks. “Oh go on” they say and tongue each other.

The girls are now lying on top of each other, mouth to mouth, with their legs wide. I now begin slit licking, gland-clit rubbing, pussy kissing and sucking quickly from clit to clit. Their pussy lips become fuller and their fuck holes are wide open. I slurp their juice and mix it into their slits with my tongue. Maggie moans as Rhonda nibbles and bites her nipples. They cum, simultaneously and violently, so I’ve passed round 1. A trail of pre-seed runs from my cock, but I still keep my jizz in my balls.


Now I have time to look at them quietly, my horny girl-examinors. Rhonda is already very full and round in terms of her tits, firm and beautifully large nipples in a realm-sized court. I wonder if I will ever drink milk from those.

Maggie’s firm c-tits look like her upturned nose, pink nipples pointing upward and en-profile they are those steep ski slopes to slide down with your fingers. So kissable!

Rhonda wanted Maggie to tongue fuck her and me to massage her clit with my glans and suck her nipples. How complicated, but again she came.

Then the cave between those nice long legs of Maggie’s is next. Her clit gets an glans hug too. Unexpectedly, Rhonda works my balls into Maggie’s slit. Her pussy muscles almost squeeze them. Oooh, it almost makes me cum. We switch and with my rod between her tits and her sucking on my balls I stroke her to a delicious height.

Now they lay on top of each other kissing and I finally get to put my glans in their pussies. And the rest! I glide from Ronda’s soft cave to Maggie’s tight slit and on the way I massage their clits with my cock tip. I don’t last long, squirting a few jets of seed into Maggie and jerking further into Rhonda. Whoua!

They lick each other off and then start cuddling me, between their warm, satisfied girl bodies.

After a few minutes they have me at fighting strength again and I now have to cum in a quick, rough fuck with Maggie. After so much stimulation, I quickly fill her already seed wet slit as she cums shakily along with me.

Rhonda takes my seedy cock directly into her opening and her pussy muscles massage me stiff again. A soft fuck brings her to orgasm again, after which I donate another small round into her slit.


I spooned into Maggie and Rhonda that night and filled their pussies twice more with my essence, they came much more often at my penis-driven urging, of course.

The morning begins with smelling each other’s crotches and the smells of our sex make me hard and eager again. “Come shower” Maggie steps into the bathroom. She stands in the middle of the big shower and asks me to slide my cock from the front between her pussy lips.

She runs her warm golden stream down our legs, Oh! Rhonda wants it backwards, Ah! hot girl piss all over my rod! And then I squirt my tiny jet of goldies, from between her lips, making it look like she’s the little boy.

I soap their tits and am cuddled, they bend down next to each other, I stroke their lips and finger inside for a moment. Of course I can’t resist the temptation and push my rod deep into Maggie and Rhonda and alternate for a while. We dry each other off and kneeling down the girls kiss each other with my glans between them. I cum.

They are surprised to find that in the meantime there is a breakfast for three ready in the kitchen with exactly the things they like. And also extra delicious filled lunch boxes, girly pink, and cans of sports drinks in a cooler bag. I get hot kisses for that. I’ll pass those on to Harry, or Jason, or Sandra……

When I take them to school in my Vitara, I think that a convertible would look better on them now, proudly showing their classmates that I am the boss of these young girls. Way too macho for me?

Gepubliceerd door Desiderius Lustig

Ik zet mijn hete dromen om in verhalen vol genot en liefde. Mijn fascinatie is vooral de herinnering aan mensen, ontmoetingen en gebeurtenissen, maar dan omgebogen naar intense lichamelijkheid. In mijn verhalen ben ik daarnaar op zoek en herbeleef al schrijvend, wat er had kunnen zijn of bijna was. Als er maar......

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