Claudio, Scopiare!

“Gee, I want that one!” shouts Monique, when she sees the guy sitting at the campsite barrier. Full Italian, olive-tanned, wildly curly, dark hair, yes, her type, I know. She gets out -normally I have to arrange the place at the campsite- walks around the car and asks him if there will be a place for us. Duh, no spot on June 30, I think laughing.

Grinning broadly, drinking her in in her thin cotton, wide, bare-shouldered, deep-décolleté dress and flip-flops, he nods his manes and answers her English with “vous parlez Français? Moi c’est Claudio”. He gestures with his head to the little office and without taking his eyes off Mo for a moment he points out to me where to park with a hand behind his back.

Somewhat later they come out and walk up the path. I am given a vague gesture to follow as they laugh and talk in fast French. He points to a sandy, grassy area near the toilet block and just outside the high fence around the pool, a single spot, a little further from the other tent sites. Mo nods that this is big enough for our tent. He smiles flirtatiously at her for a moment and – is that horny and covetous? – walks sturdily back to the reception desk.

“His name is Claudio and he sleeps in a tent with his cousin Ernesto near his uncle’s caravan, who is the caretaker here. He’s studying chemistry at the Sapienza and I can see from his eyes that he’s getting mad about me. We have to eat at the restaurant here tonight, Ernesto serves there and gives us a discount and they come and drink wine with us, there.”

“Ho, ho girl! You got it for him, don’t you?”

“Did you see his eyes? And his hands? And his beautiful curly hair? It makes me hot, very hot.”

We were wandering through southern Europe, that summer of 1971, in our old Ford Anglia Sportsman (yes, the one with a spare wheel on the bumper), and had driven up the road to the Castelfusano Country Club near Lido di Ostia, thinking it would probably be far too posh for us. Now, in 2021 I’m sure it will be, but not then, it was plain and simple. And we were on our own, only later that week Belgians with a castle size tent and a vicar from Meppel in one of those Kip egg caravans arrived. But they were placed a lot further on.

I put up our faded blue bungalow tent, with scorch marks from the San Giovanni fireworks display in Florence a few days ago, where we had camped on the city campsite just below the shooting range on Piazzale Michelangelo.

Then again, Ernesto at the restaurant spoke only English and taught me that chicken ‘pollo’ should not be pronounced with a thick Rotterdam double l and a w at the end but with the tongue tip against the palate. ‘He’s flirting with me’ I observed from his grin with horny corners on his mouth. Could become fun yet, here.

It was getting a little dim when Claudio joined us and Ernesto brought four glasses and a couple of red Valpolicello’s. “I’m done, Zio let me off for the day. Let’s go sit by your tent.”

We walk around the pool fence, Claudio checking that he has locked the gate and Mo lighting a few mosquito candles by the tent. The boys sit cross-legged on the ground at our feet. No, they don’t want to sit on our chairs. Lower seated they can study our crotches, Mo spreads a bit and her short dress lifts somewhat.

Ernesto fiddles open a bottle and pours us a drink. A complicated conversation ensues, where we talk bilingually to both and translate between ourselves. Soon Mo is talking to Claudio in French, gently flirting and I am talking to Ernesto in English. He wants to know everything about our circle of friends, if the men kiss each other, if we can feel the girls freely and so on. I tell him about our circle of friends and how freely we treat each other’s bodies. I ask him what it’s like here and he complains that everyone is so reserved, especially the boys. Even on hugging they keep their bulges distanced.

I stroke his lips with my fingers, wink at him and bend over. He flinches when I press my lips to his, but lets me. My intuition is right, this one is not only deep in the closet, but still in the factory packaging.

Claudio interferes and says he’s only kissed girls, all his college buddies are virgins, they say. He would have liked to have been at Woodstock or Kralingen, last year and fooled around there. Surprised, that we lived less than a mile away from that park and were there for all three days. And friends slept with us in our apartment. He raises one eyebrow questioningly, “five, without a condom” I confess and Mo surpasses me “eight” and blushes.

Mo asks what fuck is in Italian. “Scopiare” translates Claudio and Mo says it after him, dreamily and slowly “Scooo-piii-aaa-reee”, as if she feels it in her lower belly. In their speedos, something grows.

“Do you have the key to the pool with you? I want to skinny-dip.” When Claudio holds up his keychain, she stands up, slides down her shoulder straps, her dress falls to the floor and she stands naked before us, grinning.

She lifts Claudio, pulls down his shorts, lets her hand slide over his swim trunks, tightening them. She helps him out of his polo shirt and strokes his bulge again. “Come here” she says and puts his hands on her nipples.

Ernesto watches with wide eyes as I undress him and enter his swim trunks with my hand. “Doing that to me too” I whisper to him. He looks like a kid in a candy store when I feel him stroke my manhood, uncomfortably, as if he doesn’t even dare to do that to himself.

And then the four of us walk naked to the gate and slide into the water. “Don’t make too much noise, Zio is still at the restaurant!” warns Ernesto. We swim crosswise over and under each other, Claudio mainly to feel Mo’s tits and Ernesto on his back in successful attempts to make our cocks touch each other.

I press him against the edge of the tub with my belly and begin to kiss him while frotting. Unaccustomed, his lips open and let me demonstrate how the dance of tongues goes. He learns quickly and between our bellies our rods slide against each other. “Never done it?” I whisper between gasps, he shakes his head and sighs sagely.

I turn his head to the side and we see that Claudio has also pushed Mo against the edge and Mo is kissing him enthusiastically. His hands go under the water and I can see from Mo’s movements what forbidden areas he is feeling and fingering. “Scopiare, they, soon” I chuckle and take both our cocks in one hand. He’s about to cum, I see in his gaze.

Back at the tent we dry off, a beautiful woman and three boys with their members raised to the heaven. Mo sings softly “Volare, oh-oh, Scopiare oh-oh-oh-oh”, grabs Claudio by his rod and pulls him into the tent. Over her shoulder she says “Will you come over and watch him become a real man?” and we pull the chairs into the outer tent.

Then, in the circle of light from a flashlight suspended on the top rod, the game begins between them on the air mattress with the sleeping bag on top. Mo pulls him to her bosom and makes him kiss and lick her tightly erect nipples, then she pulls him higher and they tongue long and fiercely. From her twitching toes I can tell she is getting excited. Then she pushes him by his shoulder between her legs. “Watch how I expect you to do there. Feel with your fingers and unfold my lips.” I have to laugh at his awkwardness in his exploration and see Mo take his hand and lead him along the sights. Petting will probably be another lesson, tomorrow or so.

I kneel in front of Ernesto and kiss his glans, which are squeaking wet with pre-seed from his foreskin. He looks glorified as I run my tongue over his tip and into my mouth. Carefully I let him get used to the clenching of my lips. In a gentle rhythm I suck him, knowing, that he will come far too soon. And yes, he moans and gives his seed to another man for the first time. “Oh, yummy” he says somewhat embarrassed.

I let him finger my cock “You can do me too, later.” He nods hornily.

Meanwhile Claudio’s tightly stretched glans slides in Mo’s hand between her lips from clit to sheath and back. I know how exciting that feels. She holds his rod in front of her opening “thrust into me, thrust and thrust deep in.” She shines there from cyprine and I watch his cock slide into her and mine pussy, knowing that feeling from experience and joining in with his entry. Pushing his buttocks she forces him to his balls deep inside her. I know it, how tight that tightens your foreskin, to the point of pain. Then she pulls his mouth to hers and kisses him, as pussy and cock join together.

“Would you like that too, or would you rather fuck a boy?” I ask Ernesto softly. He shrugs. “Can we try it during the week” I offer. He nods, still unsure.

Mo is now forcing Claudio into a slow rhythm on her. She knows he won’t last long and quickens the pace. She lets him suck and bite her nipples hard, She steers toward more ferocious and faster, until together they experience the ecstasy of cumming, pussy grabbing, throbbing and squirting. They lie together panting on top of each other and we watch their juices drip from his sack and drain into her butt crack. On the sleeping bag, and that’s just too bad.

Claudio raises his arm into a fist and presses his thumb in the hollow “Paulo Cornuto!” [cuckold] I take that as a thank you.

I pull Ernesto in front of me and let him suck me off, awkwardly, clumsy, but that doesn’t matter, I’m on the verge of a full blast anyway, now. Mo raises her thumb at me and we look into each other’s eyes as I lose myself in his mouth. He swallows bravely, my valiant student.

Later, in sloppy seconds, Mo and I celebrate our encounter with these two and whisper post-coitus as lovers, to each other for a moment. “Paulo cornuto, Paul the horn player, I think is worth repeating, right?” My horn gives one last spritz, deep inside her. She smiles and squeezes me out. We sleep in that wet spot that night, in each other’s arms, air mattresses weren’t so wide in those days.

The next morning we sit in front of our tent watching Claudio in tiny swimming trunks, scooping up the leaves out of the pool. We enjoy his muscular buttocks and cool body. “He’s hefty though, or is he all stiff now?” she asks.

“He’s seen you, just spread your legs and pull up your t-shirt.” He raises his hand, makes an obscene gesture, and grins with a look that shows the entire evening’s experience as a memory.

When he has also cleaned the filters he comes over to us, stands close to Mo, who strokes his bulge even tighter and asks if we want to come with him to Rome in the afternoon to meet his study mates.


And so it went on that week, He guided us to unsuspected places and art treasures of Rome and the Campagna, ate ice cream at the ‘Re del Gelato’ and ate chili con carne with lots of beer at the ‘Antica Birreria Peroni’. He even arranged tickets for the ‘Aïda’ at the Thermi di Carracalla on our last night. He also often dived into our sleeping tent with Mo for yet another close association. I would sit and listen to her small, familiar sounds, pairing them with her play spots, so well known to me.

We never lost contact completely, Mo is too precise for that. Cards at Christmas and after he was married to Angela on their and their children’s birthdays. Mo made costumes and weddinglike dresses for all four little ones for their first communion, fashionable, after all she is a couturier.

At least thirty years later, we sought them out in their country home above Milan in the foothills of the Alps. That evening we lay four-sided in their conjugal sponde celebrating our union. And when we had put our horns in each other’s wives, I slapped Claudio on his tensed buttocks “Claudio cornuto!”. Without flinching came back “Paulo cornuto!”. Only now did I understand the full scope of being each other’s fuckbuddys…

Gepubliceerd door Desiderius Lustig

Ik zet mijn hete dromen om in verhalen vol genot en liefde. Mijn fascinatie is vooral de herinnering aan mensen, ontmoetingen en gebeurtenissen, maar dan omgebogen naar intense lichamelijkheid. In mijn verhalen ben ik daarnaar op zoek en herbeleef al schrijvend, wat er had kunnen zijn of bijna was. Als er maar......

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