Aphroditiae 1-4: Second Visitation: the family

Friday 16 June

App by Carlo “you have to come in here” with a selfie of his tasty rod in a young, dark pussy. “Whero?” I ask. “In my sister…. ” and he gives the address.

A typical house with the front door in the middle and a wide corridor between big rooms. On my ringing a tough black man, about forty years old, muscled with a sixpack under his tight t-shirt, 1.80 with a full frizzy head. I am stunned, this morning I met him, tight in his expensive suit, at a tender for a large project. Oh, yes, Mr. Veld….. His company hadthe lowest bid, so we are going to build on a monument together.

“Come in, Ben, all gates are open to you, full of expectation. Call me Randy, because that’s me and my mind. And now we’re going to build a beautiful relationship!”

I am dressed up in black shorts and ditto t-shirt. Because of the heat he only wears a white t-shirt and cycling shorts and I see his sex firmly locked in them. Big, as it should be. He makes the hug gesture and our mouths and cocks find each other in a fierce hug. If I was already stiff, now I have a serious hard-on in my pants.

To us comes a little girl with waving braids on her already a bit too long legs. “This is my youngest, Ayla. Are you going to Grandma’s now?”

Randy puts his arm around my shoulders. “You mustn’t think that anything is a coincidence when Joy is in charge. Today, family love with your contractor is the subject of study, not work, just play……” he grins falsely.

“Brownies baking, for my birthday tomorrow!” She shakes her black braided head, rolls her eyes at me because of her stupid daddy and proudly says “I’m going to be nine!”, beats daddy on his ass “Don’t do anything naughty, eh” and runs out of the door, giggling like little girls do.

We walk through the wide corridor to the backyard, where his sons, Carlo of 17, Mark of 18 and his daughter Esmeralda of 16 (1.80, endless, thin legs and – I think just like that – a broad pussy saddle with a black frizziness above it) are slurping around a table on a sorbet.

She stands up and I give her the handshake.

“Ha, Ben” she says, “for someone who’s going to fill my pussy, you can be a bit more enthusiastic” and she fondles my crotch.

“Dad, have you made him stiff yet?”

“No, he came in happy like that, but my tongue did help….”

“You ask for it by yourself” and I grab her full by the tits in her white belly button top and point my outstretched tongue at her opening mouth. Her cold lips surround my tongue and massage my lick, the chills go over my back. I look into her lascivious green eyes and now I feel under her top her beautiful hills to play with.

Carlo (1.75, sixpack) with his semi-transparent briefs, where his dick sits tight up to his hip and his firm bag of balls, drags me out of the embrace with his sister. Whispers “Nice is my family, huh”

Mark (1.85 like his dad, trained body) stands behind me and opens my shorts, so that my briefs with contents fall out of the fly. Carlo now carefully starts to ride up against me with his pointed hump. Mark lets me lean further back and sticks his tongue in my mouth. I can feel the front of his tight briefs, what he has hidden there. In any case he is well endowed and wet.

Mother Molly (1.70, 38 years old, front and back) comes to the terrace “I’m going to unpack my present” and gives my shorts a jolt. I slip out, she kisses Carlo deeply – as consolation, that he has to let go of his toy – and slides her hands into my briefs, under my balls, freeing my rod from that confinement.

“Oh, a beautiful white lollipop, on a bed of reddish hair” she laughs as she pulls my cock out of the package. A thick drop of preseed oozes out of my slit.

“Oh, I am Molly, the crevice from which those ghosts crawled away. They are like kangaroos, they always want to be back in….” She plants her full lips on my open mouth and I taste her tongue. Carlo pulls my briefs off my ass and feels between my buttocks in my hole.


With a smoothie in my hand sitting only in my bare ass between a horny grinning family, i ask myself, do they want to eat me? Would Carlo have told them how nice we made love, this week?

“How many times did you let spray this asparagus, Carlo?”

“Six times, Mom! “

“Get on with it, be careful with him, kids” and she spins her full bosom in front of my face while Es loosens her mother’s bikini top. My face is filled with lovely tits with beautiful brown buds. “they’ve all hung on to it, now you may” and she presses a nipple in my mouth. I let my hands go over her round butt and notice that her trousers are being pulled off as well. With my hands behind her back I slide down her buttocks and with my fingertips I feel her already wet pussy. Mmm, what a motherly bitch!

“We start at the source” says Randy and helps Molly spread her legs in front of me. Beautiful cunt with full lips. He takes off his tight trousers and the bear comes loose! He kneels above Molly’s navel and lays his cock, towards the pussy, on her belly. His glans is just above her black bush.

“This duo has made that couple, come and meet them” He pulls her pussy open and I see a delightful crack of pure pink! I get down on my knees and sniff her scent up close. With the tip of my tongue I gently go from smooth down to tense up and then his foreskin, already full of preseed. Back, don’t forget her clit, continue to sink and push my tongue deep into her wet sheath. I can go on like this for a while, but I feel the restlessness around me.

Randy’s dick now stands up and his glans emerges from his hideout.

“Esmeralda, you are called” he says and pulls the mini-skirt off her ass. I come up and she presses her cunt in my face. Hey, I know that one from that app I saw earlier. I can smell her excitement and pluck with my lips on her frizzy curls. She giggles when Dad grabs her by her hips and plants her on his stick, incest at its best. Very slowly he drops her on his paternal pole. In front of my eyes her fresh girltits are now being exposed and I have to suck on them…

Strong dad picks her up under her thighs and stands up, dick deep in her pussy, veins in his neck swell up and he gives me a wonderful view of their union. He does her rough and walks to the table she is stretching out on, without missing a punch, he brings Es to screaming orgasms. “Don’t stop, go on, jeezz, my chottt” and more blasphemies come from her lips as he squirts his fatherly essence deep into her.

I now have three fingers in Molly’s scabbard and explore the layout there. I quickly find her lucky spot and with one finger circling around her clit I get my first browny points from her. “White fingers are nice too” she observes dry.

“And now the asparagus back into the hole” she says and pulls me by the ears over her belly to her full, black tits. I nuzzle her thick nipples, suck and bite gently. To her mouth, where our tongues caress and we look deep into each other’s eyes. My cock lies tight between her lips and I feel a hand -Carlo?- pointing my glans for the love rush. Her pussy lips push my foreskin back, tighten my glans and I glide into her warmth.

Carlo hits me hard on the buttocks ” Hort, goatee, hop on! ” and we engage in a fierce game, like you only play with a full woman, losing yourself in her soft curves. She comes quickly to her tops and I can feel her hot pussy juice dripping from my balls. Sticking and dripping from the sweat – it’s hot in the sun – we are going to come together laying on our side so the children can see how white is fucking black…

And then I explode, with trembling thigh muscles and my rod beating, my seed in her orgasmic abdomen, seconds are suddenly hours ….


“Boys, let Ben compare your chopsticks.” says Molly, who turns out to be in charge of the orgy, while stripping, they stand up and I put my hand on their firm poles. You can see that they are brothers, long and thin. But you can see the difference in the dark, Carlo with his luminous pink and Mark with his brown glands.

I put my hand on their brown buttocks and squeeze their dick2cock and pull their glans out. This way I see that Mark is smaller, but thicker. I finger over their tops and ask them how many pussies they have had. “We don’t count, we just enjoy and give pleasure” Mark laughs. Then I urge them to have a nice game of incest.

“Nice tool, shove them in mommy’s pussy together, I want to see four black balls rolling” I propose with a naughty smile.

Mark goes on his back next to Molly, who rolls right on top of him and feeds him her nipples. Carlo leads Mark’s fat dick to her lucky spot and Molly presses back. I see a son going into his mother, sliding nicely into my seed. “Yummy, you’re nicely spread” he says, playing poker in his native cave.

Esmeralda sits down on my knees and leans her back against my chest, her father’s seed dripping on my now sleeping snake. I embrace her maidentits and caress her flat belly and belly button.

The next boypole is already standing firm. Carlo’s pink tip slides over his brother’s rod into the mother’s pussy as well, mmmmm. He slides on until we see four balls dangling on top of each other.

Cautiously they start their triple-fuck, first in and out together, then alternately, building up the friction. Mark and Carlo take over each other’s rhythms in rapid changes. Wonderful to see Carlo’s venus dimples come and go in his buttocks, his muscles tighten on his shiny back. This game should end in a triple finish and yess! they do it loudly!

“Aperitif for our guest” Es says and presses my mouth on her mothers’ pink twat, so full of our love mix of a pussy and three dicks. I refresh at this well and lie in the hollow of her womanness for a long time, just like I did as a boy at my mothers’.

I snuggle, until Randy rolls me away and kisses me, we share the juices with a smooth face. He lies down on me, dick to dick, grows up again, we frot and cuddle in the warm sun. We enjoy each other’s bodies, an image that will be difficult to get rid of when we sit in a work meeting a few weeks later.

“Come on, let’s whiten our bellies and glue them” while he turns his hips and slides up and down my belly. So hot and so horny, we squirt right away and feel each others’ throbbing deep inside our bellies.

Es gets us out of our trance, puts dad on his back and cleans us with her pussy and her buttocks, while she spreads it out. Then she walks in the house, shaking her shiny ass…


Molly and the boys have meanwhile set the table and prepared the food. Randy puts his arm on my waist and takes me inside. “I feel we have a click, and we need it, because as a contractor I do all the secret projects of your firm.”

“I am no longer surprised by anything. Gonna be interesting building meetings. Will we digging Froukje?”

“No, she is the white, chaste virgin and knows nothing about our promiscuous activities, and we keep it that way. We need an immaculate white rose to keep us horny” he laughs when he lets me sit between Molly and him. Esmeralda sits across from me with her brothers on either side. Lovely view of that head with those lovely titties.

“Put your big toe in my pussy and wriggle” she laughs casually to me, as if asking for the salt pot. My big toe soaks nicely with my heel between her muscular thighs, from doing ballet, I think.

Peanut soup in advance and moksi mitti with garter beans and rice. It is a lot and tasty. A parbo beer with ice cubes to soften the effects of the madam janet peppers. Ohoh, tomorrow I’ll feel that madam biting into my raw ass again on exit.

We get to talk about their business and Molly tells us that they have over 40 staff, including two carpentrices and a forerunner, Annelies. “A tight girl, pricking tits! ” shines Carlo and Mark continues “and a cunt to live in. Thanks a lot, Dad, for letting me bring those drawings to her house last week.” They high-five.

Randy laughs with a wolfgrin “What was she like?”

“Mmmmmm, gentleman’s secret, and André was up my ass too. He was still asking about your chocolate slash, Es.”

“What did you say? Tasty and juicy?”

“No, a stinking cesspool, sister!”

“Bully! And it’s your stinking muck!” and slaps him on the back of the head. My toe almost pops out of her cunt.

Esmeralda looks dreamy “She has such a long blonde ponytail, which I would like to braid so badly, and she always has too small a t-shirt in her tight dungarees. Where do you buy that designer for her, Mom?”

“Ellen tailors them for all our carpenters, skinny and tight, I like my people to look sexy at work,” says Randy, “and it looks good on the customers.


Randy and Molly have to go to a parents’ evening and leave us for another game of quartets. We hang out on the couch and Esmeralda tells about the ballet for which she is rehearsing. “From the West Side Story, with a sexy twist. There are only eight of us, but we are good! You will see, at the end of August at the temple”

Carlo and Esmeralda are leaning against me and Mark is sitting on the ground between my knees, casually fiddling on my crotch. He has just passed his final exams and will start studying architecture in September. I stroke him about his frizzy head “Can you do an internship with me, next year or so? And I can help you with homework, TWB – TeacherWithBenefits…” I grin horny.

We look a bit at the porn channels, but we find that fake, too pumped up tits, artificial panting and even the seed squirts only moderately.

“We’ll have to do it ourselves, kids” and I grab Carlo by his eternal stake and tell him to stick it in his sister. “I want to see that for real now”

“All right, but you’re going to set me free, little brother! The hammer drill dance?”

As they begin to cuddle on the high pile carpet, Mark sits beside me and puts his lips on mine, we gently kiss and lick each other’s lips. When the tips meet, I feel electric shocks through my body and I jump stiff, he’s already hard. Our kisses become violent and we grab each other’s balls, wrist against the rod and pull a little.

“Lovely black boy, I want to ride you next to your brother and sister.”

Mark goes on his back next to Carlo, who is now a bit hidden between her pussy lips. She goes down on her knees with her belly towards him, leans back until she stands on her hands, pussy perky open before my eyes. Carlo pushes his crotch up and now goes into it like a hammer drill. Takketakketakke ……

In front of me Mark puts his feet next to his head, so agile, and looks horny as I let my asparagus, as they keep insulting it, slowly slide into his beautiful dark ass. Well fucked he is, what do you want with such a loving family.

We play hotter, we play for fun, Carlo goes to the hole. I grab his bag and roll his balls, and he fills her up, Esmeralda groans, calls on all the gods and arrives majestically. Carlo slips his floppy out of her and a thick blob of white comes after him, slowly dripping over her black lips. Signal for us to roll her over on her back.

I use Carlo’s nice seed to quickly slide into her hot stuffed pussy and when I lie on top of her Mark goes into my hole, now for realies. we fuck, I in the middle and spray, me in that 16 year old teenager and her brother of 18 in my intestines with a bucket of jizz.


Ayla, Molly and Randy find us sleeping and leaking on the couch. Molly kisses my cock and helps me get dressed. Ayla squeezes her nose “Smells naughty, very naughty here” and proudly shows her big drum with brownies and gives me one. I say “Congratulations first” and lift her up, kiss her nose and lips and press her girl’s body tight against me. “Tomorrow you are going to be big, nine! Go to sleep soon, then.”

“Come again soon, nice boy! I’ll make you kerriekip or rotie and you’ll get to know my mother, she’s even hotter than madam Janet” laughs Molly and feels my limp crotch.


It’s good to look into one’s own heart.
Just before bedtime,
If I from dawn to evening
Not a single heart have hurt.
Avondliedeke’ Alice Nahon 1916 

Alone, in my bed, I conclude, that this is a very crazy group that immerses me in orgy to such an extent that I forget myself and allow myself to participate intensely in the game. But does it help me? I do notice that I fully surrender to all those playmates and we enjoy the moment together. That seems like a gain, but I miss intimacy, the sex for my soul. But still, how sweet and tasty they are! Memories slip into hot dreams and later wake me up, hot and white squirting on my stomach, somewhere in the deep dark.

Gepubliceerd door Desiderius Lustig

Ik zet mijn hete dromen om in verhalen vol genot en liefde. Mijn fascinatie is vooral de herinnering aan mensen, ontmoetingen en gebeurtenissen, maar dan omgebogen naar intense lichamelijkheid. In mijn verhalen ben ik daarnaar op zoek en herbeleef al schrijvend, wat er had kunnen zijn of bijna was. Als er maar......

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