Aphroditiae 1-1: Sex, a parlour game

Ferdy and Joan, Sunday 11 June 2017

My dick always wakes up before my head. And now all the way wedged between tight buttocks. Now I feel why: my rod is gently massaged up and down with barely perceptible movements. My hand is lying on a belly, little finger in the curly hair. I stroke upwards and feel the underside of her full breasts, searching for her nipples. “Ah” she sighs, as I roll one between my thumb and forefinger. “My cunt wants to feel good morning” she says and her hand guides my dick between her lips and – my half wrapped in my foreskin- glands give a preseed wet kiss to her clit. She holds her knees together and I gently bump between her lips and thighs. “Oh, goatish” I say.

Behind my back now some movement, his waking rod is wriggling between my buttocks and he caresses my cheek and hair. “Morning buddy, I’m going to lubricate your balls” and he slides his wet cock between my thighs against my balls.

Joan gently squeezes my dick into her wet fuck grotto and when I feel my glans waiting in the front, I give a push and slide my full length into her in one stride.

Ferdy’s rod is released by that sudden push, but he immediately manages to find my manhole and presses himself deep inside me. For a moment we lie there enjoying the beast with the twelve legs, allright, fourteen. Gently I feel my jerking on her pussy rings, while I have her nipples with one hand and she winds up her clit.

We turn our backs a bit more and lie bumping against our G-spots in a lazy rhythm. I can feel Ferdy’s balls and hair sliding against my buttocks with his rod deep in my hole. Joan’s movements are getting intenser and milking with her pussy muscles, I feel she is ready for her first orgasm. I know she is a nice squirter and, yes, “Oh, Oaah” my cock is dipped in the font of love again.

Now our boys are going full steam ahead to keep her on edge. The locomotive is going faster and faster and I can feel my sack pulling up and my seed rising out of my balls. For a moment I hold back and feel Ferdy’s dick getting thicker too. Joan groans and screams on the tops of her orgasmic highs. “Now” he says and we both let our dicks spray their streams of seed, me in her pussy, him in my manhole. I feel him filling my hole seven times, I also give seven salvos. Afterwards we feel a few little sprittles, we have lost our tension for a moment.

I’m going 69 with Joan, me under, so Ferdy can rim back his seed and I’m feasting on my own creampie. I don’t forget her clit and make sure she comes again. It’s called weaning of it.


Saturday 10 June

How do I get into this bed? Last night I went to visit my old study buddy, with whom I shared a room and a whole circle of friends for years. For the last couple of years we only emailed (with trophy photos), but we didn’t see or kiss each other anymore. I have just come to live in this city and the first moment I seize to see him.

Ferdy opens the door when I knock at his beautiful penthouse, which overlooks the city. I am already tight in my panties from anticipation. Wide-armed and wide-legged he receives me and after a bearhug he presses me firmly against him, both his crotch and his lips. We kiss with tongue fiercely and our dicks grow stiff between our lower bellies.

Joan looks amused at it and says “I can see that you still love each other!” and interferes in our tongueplay. She grabs our balls and feels my extremely hard cock. “You are happy with each other, feeling your size”.

We enter the living room, where a large u-bank with a double chaise lounge to the left and right offers a beautiful view over the city skyline and a large TV screen. Lovely fucking playground too, I think. I look around and see that he is already doing quite well. With a bit of help from the lottery and a nice job, you’ll soon come to this.

In the open kitchen Joan prepares a fresh shake and sits down with us. “Just one, what about you?” I ask. “no, it’s a loveshake, which we drink together” Ferdy says and let me have a sip.

“Don’t swallow too quickly, you know, let it swirl around in your mouth like good wine” he says. It’s a very tasty drink, with slippery pips. I taste kiwi and banana, no alcohol. When I swallow it, it slowly slips down my throat.

“What is it?” I ask and Joan tells me she recently had a nice recipe book ‘Semenology’ [i] with sexy recipes. This is the ‘high protein smoothie’ with indeed kiwi and banana, soy milk, ice cubes and three tablespoons of fresh seed, “harvested this morning” she smiles and takes a sip in her mouth. She stands over Ferdy, who opens his lips and lets the smoothie slide from her tongue onto his, after which she briefly tongues him. Now I take a sip and get to snowball with Joan, after which we boys exchange seeds between our mouths.

I look at the slender raven-black Joan, and I wonder if her triangle is just as black. She sits across from me, her legs wide enough to see that under her short skirt.

Beautiful, pink pussy lips and squeaky labia with a wreath of hair, a cunt to kiss. I stare at her short top, bare navel and proud standing tits with excited nipples, no bra, I notice.

“Yeah, yeah, you get to see and feel it all, I’m in need of a solid double whammie. However, the stories about your stamina must be exaggerated. Come up and stand in front of me.”

I get up, kick off my shoes and Ferdy stands behind me. He loosens my belt and unbuttons my fly, feeling what’s behind it. They catch me with a big, wet spot in my panties. “Yes you have lifted me up quite a bit” I say, and get out of my trousers.

Joan stretches out her arm and strokes my tummy and rubs her thumb over my glands through the wet fabric. Ferdy’s hands slide into my thong and explore my balls. I groan, as in old times, my gear in his hands.

“Well Ben, unpack me now.” We take off our t-shirts and I unzip his trousers. He’s wearing a red thong, with a wet spot just like mine. Looks nice on his olive skin, he’s a bit southern type.

I take off his trousers and on my crouching I can smell in his crotch his fresh lust and vaguely their morning seesaw. With a kiss on his top I get up. We both stand back with our dicks, packed in silkies, just against each other and frot from balls to glands and back. I open his thong and after all that time I see his cock of almost 18 cm rise again out of his dark forest. He is quite a sprayer, can come six times a day, I remember.

Then I let Joan smell my crotch and she takes off my thong, where a present of 16 cm sticks out of my reddish forest. I am a bit blond on my head, tanned in the nude, so I don’t have white panties on my skin.

“Just taste it” and she pulls back my foreskin and licks the preseed from my head , which she pulls all out. She weighs my balls and says “They have to work hard today”. No problem, I’ll get those six squirts as well, just a matter of stay in training.

In one tug her top goes out and her tits with big brown nipples emerge. With such suck buds it is no trick to make her come. She pulls me on the wide bench and leaves me lying stretched out. She squats over my head, so her skirt becomes a tent and I get a grope in the dark. First I feel her triangle tickle on my nose and mouth, but then I win the prize of her pussy lips. I kiss her gently, but then I aggressively use my tongue to lure out her clit. Her sucking stick comes out quickly and I hear her sighs of pleasure. She slipsforeward a bit and now I can lick her pussy juice like a kitten. I explore with my tongue the place, where I will dump soon my hot seed.

Meanwhile, Ferdy is taking my pole with his mouth. From glands to sackI am licked and sucked. I am afraid having trouble keeping my seed inside.

The skirt goes off and now I see what I have licked clean. I see her lips swelling with pleasure. She sticks her ass up and Ferdy puts his glans in front of her pussy opening. With a gentle urge his full 18 cm disappear into her slit. Out, in, right above me, what a show. “Let your tongue join in” she says and I lick balls, rod and pussy at the same time. Ferdy starts shaking and sprays his hot jizz into her vag, takes it out and sprays a few more jets over my mouth and chin. Tasty.

Joan crawls away from my head, I lick his dick clean and get some aftershots on my tongue. I feel my dick slide into her seed filled pussy in one go and feel their juices dripping all over my sack. She crouch-fucks me and I feel from her pussy muscles that she is almost that far. “Together?”she rasps hoarse and I start bumping against her rhythm. It doesn’t take long before my seed comes out of my balls, murmuring through my rod, deep in her cave, accompanied by her loud cries of pleasure. “Cunt! Cunt! Cunt! Jesusssssss!” is her war cry, good Catholic girl as she is.

When I look up I see Ferdy with a bowl and a spoon with a long stem ready to catch our seed and pussy juice. “For the tasty bites” he says mysteriously while he spoons out her pussy.


We are going to take a closer look at the penthouse, the large bedroom with a playground for at least six bodies, swing in the corner, a cupboard with toys and a kind of wall rack. The bathroom has a bath for two and in the walk-in shower for six is a fuck bar at fuck standing height. The L-shaped living room has the cooking island in the leg of the L, a roof terrace all around with a jacuzzi. No guest room, our bed is big enough, Joan laughs.

“What about your parents, then?” I ask. Ferdy raises his middle finger and grabs it with his other hand. Our secret gesture for nice and intimate.

While enjoying a beer, we pick up some memories from 10 years earlier. We were placed in one room together but didn’t know each other before. Already the first evening we jacked each other off and after a few weeks we shared each other’s fresh girlfriends and compared notes.

“How did you manage that? “Joan asks.

“To leave the couple alone, if the pussy was a bit shy or new, we put the other one to bed with the boys next door – also nice and fresh – and the next day we told each other the intimate details while frotting”, Ferdy confesses.

“Or he came in with her and left the light out so I could enjoy their fucking. After he had dumped his second load he would get out of bed and I would take his place. After four changes we had again confirmed our rep of endless stamina with this girl. Both cumming five times is impressive, isn’t it? My Laura was the first to realise that she had been taken in turns.

We gradually built up a circle of friends of six dicks and three pussies in which we feasted, laughed, cried, studied and could do all the bareback stands. We called ourselves the 6.9 Fucklovers. But yes, when we also finished studying, we slowly lost contact. Too far away, too busy, too monogamous partner, there is always a reason.


Then followed a bite to eat and another tasty DVP with seed-spouting finish. We also showed Joan how boys fill each other to the brim. We went to the jacuzzi to rinse off , relax and look out over the city.

“It is after midnight now, how many dicks would be in a pussy at the moment?” Joan wonders. “Shooting?” I respond.

“Imagine if you could collect all that seed in this jacuzzi, how slippery it would be!” I say as I wriggle my big toe into her slit. In the warm summer evening we let ourselves dry on the patio chairs, our noble parts in plain sight of the city.


Sunday 11 June

By now it is about eleven o’clock on Sunday morning.

Under the spacious walk-in shower we breed each other again, rubbing three soaped bodies against each other. Smooth tits with piercing nipples over my back and a hand around my balls, half stiff dicks against each other and still such carnal pleasure makes us powerful and stiff.

We take our girlfriend between us, or rather we go into the girlfriend together, as always. Then I take her, sitting on the fucking brace, I like that, such an handicapped-adapted house ….

We hold back and save our seed for later, but we finger her over the top, because she needs a wet pussy for the next round.


Joan loves food sex, she says. “I am very oral, not only with tongue and lips, but also taste and texture excite me. Playing a full portion of seed through your mouth and feeling the difference between the white blobs and the slithery carrier is so erotic. Love juices are so subtle in taste and I can taste who my girlfriends have made love to. Anything with a slippery texture, gives me a wet slit. Eating from a naked body and messing with food is so much fun too”.

So it’s going to be a breakfast with foodsex: first we’re going to put four long sausages in her pussy to get nice and warm; we’re going to prepare the omelette by first putting the egg whites of 6 eggs in a flat bowl, where we take turns washing and pulling each other’s dick and balls into it, until we’re spraying nicely our jizz in it. We add also the saved fluids of our games. Friend Joan licks our rods clean, while we change some seed-and-egg in a French kiss. we beat it yellow and bake a thin cake of it, over which we pour the white with seed and let it coagulate half, a delicious seed omelet that slides in your mouth.

And now we are going to eat the pudding from her oven, she lays herself wide open on the table and we see four fingertips sticking out of her hole, as if there were a little boy in it. I tap the sausage tips with my tongue, it vibrates inside and I see her shivering. I grab one with my teeth and pull it out in a jerk. “Aiaiai! Goatish!” and she shivers again. Ferdy and I both take an end in the mouth and eat towards each other. We taste her pussy and hot sausage, eating from the gods. Ferdy feeds the second sausage to Joan, who is almost cumming on that.

I kneel between her legs and slide my dick into her pussy, triple vaginally with two thin sausages, how tight that is. Careful, the skins must not tear. Ferdy sucks on my balls and wants to have me spray, and with a finger in my hole on my prostate he succeeds miraculously. Joan joins in the ecstasy and adds juice. We enjoy the hot sausage with seed and the pussy juice sauce.

I wash her dishes between her thighs with my tongue until she goes crazy screaming and Ferdy fingers my wet hole. Subtle breakfast ….


Hanging against the armrest of the sofa in my bare ass with my feet raised, I am deep in thought.

“You’re still not over it, that you don’t have Laura anymore?”

“Mhm mhm”

“Is a year now?”

Laura was my soul mate, even when Ferdy and I took her between us. She was the soul of our sensual fantasies with our friends and with her I built a life full of unexpected pleasure. Until that accident. And I had to decide in the end whether she should continue as a plant. Since then, there hasn’t been much fun.

“No one could reach me, Anneke and Lynn kept me alive for a while, warmed me between their lesbian bodies, until I stopped seeing everything black. So physical, those weeks, and yet without sexual tension, brought me back. We started laughing again and they pulled me into their love game, great place to come out from under your black cloud, with your mouth on two pussies… “I laugh thinly through my tears.

“You are my first since Laura and all of a sudden I think intensely in orgy terms, you bring me back to the old days…… Not longing is not thinking about her. Just jerking off crying. “

Ferdy takes me in his arms, we stretch out and he lies protective over me. He kisses my tears away, caresses my lips with his, there is some life in our croches and I know I am loved. Our rods glide into pre-cum, we gently rock our hips and the world shrinks between our bellies until we throb and spray each other. We continue to rock, now so wonderfully smooth and lubricated. We wiggle away and wake up glued together when Joan strokes Ferdy’s ass.

“Game between old lovers is exciting to see” she pulls our heads on her bosom and we suck her nipples big.

I don’t understand myself why letting these two suddenly pull me into a sex frenzy. Is it that familiar body of my friend, the memory of his scent, that plays on my mind? Just put that thought on the back burner and enjoy now.

“We need to welcome you into our circle, you need new contacts and a lot of love. In any case, more than just a play weekend with us”. says Joan.

Ferdy went on to say: “You’re still that rough, sweet fucker I seem to love, I almost forgot. You want to continue insatiably until everyone is satisfied and so you give us butterflies in the belly. “They kiss me like lovers.

Here, too, Ferdy and Joan have joined a circle of friendship, much larger than our playgroup, with a maximum of 66, the magic number. A couple has moved and he asks me if I want to fill in that vacant spot in their polyamorous, pansexual circle.

“Tell more” I say and they are frank about the intimate relationships, ritual orgies and close friendships they experience. They help each other with problems, support each other in business and raise the children together.

“Children. When are you gonna make my tummy round, Ferdy the Fucker?”

“As soon as you want, my love, I’ll release my army on you” he caresses her tummy and kisses her tenderly.

I do, I think, want this attention to be absorbed in the arms of new friends. I don’t know anyone here, I still have to find my way out of the dark pits of my bruised soul and I don’t want to do it alone. ….

Later in the afternoon we say goodbye, the seed flows nicely again. Ferdy comes over with my clothes and helps me in my shirt. Joan ties up, with a kiss for each button. And since she is downstairs she gives a cock and ball massage, which makes me big and greedy again. As he pulls up from behind my trousers and feels my balls, I stick just my cockhead in her while standing up and spray one last round into her hot and smooth pussy. I leave it to Ferdy to finish my work.

When I close the door, I see her groaning on the sidetable, my precious seed dripping from his swaying balls. I can hear her screaming high and loud as I get into the lift and grin for a long time to come.


[i] Semenology – The Semen Bartender’s Handbook – Paul “Fotie” Photenhauer
    and also: Natural Harvest – A Collection of Semen-Based Recipes
  * http://cookingwithcum.com/

Gepubliceerd door Desiderius Lustig

Ik zet mijn hete dromen om in verhalen vol genot en liefde. Mijn fascinatie is vooral de herinnering aan mensen, ontmoetingen en gebeurtenissen, maar dan omgebogen naar intense lichamelijkheid. In mijn verhalen ben ik daarnaar op zoek en herbeleef al schrijvend, wat er had kunnen zijn of bijna was. Als er maar......

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