Sorrow and Solace

This week, after the funeral of my sister-in-law (my age) we stayed in Lizz’s grandmother’s apartment and she stayed in the guest room upstairs of the retirement home.

This first night she came downstairs, cold and sad and sought comfort between our old nakedness. I never knew that deep sorrow could so easily be transformed into a violent orgasm. Or is it the eager hands of me and my love?

Her shoulders shook, crying, and she pressed her young body, belly to belly, against my love. I whispered “sorrow is the longest night of your life,” gently stroking the outside of her thighs and gently up to the base of her primming breasts. Under her armpits trough I grabbed my love’s full softness and steered the four nipples against each other, hard already and sensitive, judging by my love’s intake of breath.

Four hands went over her belly and down the inside of her thighs, hesitantly, until her shoulders no longer shook and her breath calmed. A sudden gasp as I placed my index finger on her pleasure button. “Oh, yes there!” And along my hand my lover went into her little boat. looking for the hole for the mast.

Of course, I was already erect and trying not to let her feel that, but nevertheless she whispered “come inside of me” and I did. I lifted her leg and we enjoyed my gentle loving, deep into her essence. She in my lover’s arms, rubbing her nipples and stroking her mons and bud. For a long time we lay softly sliding against each other so warm and soft, until I felt from the reaction of her Kegels, that she needed me NOW, fiercely, until I gave myself to her.

Then we fell asleep and morning found us, dry chunks of our love juice in our crotch hair. She looked me in the eyes and kissed me on the mouth.

“This was just like a family party like we had with your grandmother, a few months back, here in this bed, she on your spot between us” I confessed to her the sneaky family love and affection between us three.

“Geriatric sex! But you two are nice to play with, so different from those overly eager and way too fast young friends of mine. And knowing gramps enjoyed you makes my longest, saddest night such an intimate memory” She kneels over my chest so I can finger the soft hair on the copper mound and look up at her proud nipples.

“We’ll play on this summer, when you come to us, and then I want you to hop around naked and we can celebrate family affection unexpectedly, just like that all over the place again.”

“Wherever you did it with Grandma?”

“Yes, there and everywhere!”

First published (in Dutch) : 22-12-2020

Have you read my story “was niet de bedoeling”? (will be translated soon)  Copperhead Lizz is the fantasy of what I had always wanted to do with my niece (not really blood related)

Gepubliceerd door Desiderius Lustig

Ik zet mijn hete dromen om in verhalen vol genot en liefde. Mijn fascinatie is vooral de herinnering aan mensen, ontmoetingen en gebeurtenissen, maar dan omgebogen naar intense lichamelijkheid. In mijn verhalen ben ik daarnaar op zoek en herbeleef al schrijvend, wat er had kunnen zijn of bijna was. Als er maar......

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